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AS64746 - France (Internet BGP)

Maintainer: f6cnb,f1tzv   fr - France

Main AS for new subnet which is announced on Internet
Last edited by 2021-10-17
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
f4edr Le Luc en Provence, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Jean-Michel QRA 1578d f6cnb
f4kkx 93160 Noisy-le-grand f6cnb,f1shs Radio club ESIEE Paris 587d f1shs
f4klo Paris, 75019 f6cnb Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Villette Paris 75019 .. 709d f6cnb
f6cnb Remi, Bures-sur-Yvette 91 f6cnb HAMNET 5685MHz,BW=.. Servers, gateway and user access. - , http://hamnet.. 1988d f6cnb
f6kbs RC CEA Saclay 91 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC du CEA Saclay 91 768d f6cnb
f6kgl Neuilly-sur-Marne,93 f6cnb,f1shs Radio Club de Neuilly-sur-Marne 587d f1shs
n5cnb Remi Frelsburg Texas f6cnb Local WiFi N5CNB (Was W5/F6CNB) in Texas. N5CNB is my US callsign. Remi F6CNB 2390d f6cnb
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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited      Service-Network - AS64746 internet BGP announced french subnet 715d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64746 f4edr - F4EDR subnet 706d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64746 n5cnb - Remi N5CNB/F6CNB ranch subnet 1787d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64746 n5cnb - HAMSHACK subnet 2209d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64746 n5cnb 1621d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64746 New VPN subnet 251d f6cnb
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Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited bgpgateway-ext.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb-7 BGP internet gateway main address 715d f6cnb vpngate.lte1.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo VPN to internet gateway (main) 715d f6cnb vpngate.lte2.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo VPN to internet gateway (backup) 715d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f4edr Routing-Tunnel f4edr pptp to BGP internet gate 706d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f1shs Routing-Tunnel f1shs Link to hamnet-internet gate 685d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f6kgl Routing-Tunnel f6kgl vpn to BGP gateway 612d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f4kkx Routing-Tunnel f4kkx VPN to internet gateway 315d f6cnb ipip1-gate.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb IPIP to bgpgate (main) 712d f6cnb hamnet.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 711d f6cnb gateway.f6cnb Routing-Ethernet f6cnb IPIP gateway running on Mikrotik CCR1009 711d f6cnb hotspot.f6cnb Service f6cnb Wires-X Hotspot 711d f6cnb weather.f6cnb Service f6cnb Local weather and radioactivity monitor running on a raspberry pi2 - http://w.. 711d f6cnb www.f6cnb Service f6cnb web server 711d f6cnb aprs.f6cnb Service f6cnb APRS node using DIXPRS on a Raspberry pi - 710d f6cnb pwr-ctl2.f6cnb Service f6cnb Power plugs remote control 2 710d f6cnb nas.f6cnb Service f6cnb F6CNB NAS 710d f6cnb munin.f6cnb Service f6cnb Munin server - or 710d f6cnb hamsrvpi.f6cnb Service f6cnb Raspberry pi running hamsrvpi. 710d f6cnb rsyslog.f6cnb Service f6cnb remote syslog server 710d f6cnb adsb.f6cnb Service f6cnb Ads-b receiver. Fligthware 710d f6cnb sdr.f6cnb Service f6cnb WebSDR under testing 709d f6cnb ntp.f6cnb Service f6cnb GPS based NTP server 709d f6cnb pa-qo100.f6cnb Service f6cnb Arduino on PA for QO100 344d f6cnb qo100.f6cnb Service f6cnb QO100 Station 709d f6cnb shake.f6cnb Service f6cnb DEtecteur de tremblement de terre 709d f6cnb rotctl.f6cnb Service f6cnb ROTOR controller 709d f6cnb ctrlbox.f6cnb Service f6cnb Control power supply Internet 709d f6cnb sipphone.f6cnb Service f6cnb sip phone 455d f6cnb ftp.f6cnb Service f6cnb ftp server running on DLINK NAS 709d f6cnb satnogs.f6cnb Service f6cnb satnogs receiver 709d f6cnb dxc.f6cnb Service f6cnb dx spider and Netrom/Fpac node 02080191530 - was 709d f6cnb orage.f6cnb Service f6cnb Orage detecteur.. 708d f6cnb radmon.f6cnb Service f6cnb Radiation Monitor 708d f6cnb webcam2.f6cnb Service f6cnb Webcam2 (user HAMNET pwd HAMNET91) pointing North 452d f6cnb echolink.f6cnb Service f6cnb Echolink 708d f6cnb switchgateway.f6cnb Service f6cnb Switch gateway ipip 651d f6cnb f5ziw.f6cnb Service f6cnb REpeteur C4FM 412d f6cnb wifi.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,WiFi for local use SSID F6CNB-WiFi 709d f6cnb ap5.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5785MHz BW=5MHz - UbiquitiRocket M5 with 10dbi MIMO omni antenna. S.. 709d f6cnb ap2.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge,2362/5MHz - Nano-BeamM2 toward Palaiseau SSID HAMNET-2 709d f6cnb router1.f6kbs Routing-Ethernet f6kbs Router for BGP routes to Internet 709d f6cnb f5zla.f6kbs Service f6kbs WiresX repeater 656d f6cnb router.f4edr Routing-Tunnel f4edr router Mikrotik Hap lite tower 706d f6cnb www.f4edr Service f4edr F4EDR Servers - 706d f6cnb webcam.f4edr Service f4edr Webcam 706d f6cnb p25core.f1shs Routing-Ethernet f1shs Router mikrotik P25Core 588d f1shs router1.f6kgl Routing-Ethernet f6kgl 612d f6cnb mail2.f6kgl Service f6kgl Serveur email with fo and from internet acces 612d f6cnb router1.f4kkx Routing-Ethernet f4kkx router accessible from internet 315d f6cnb srv1.f4kkx Service f4kkx serveur1 315d f6cnb srv2.f4kkx Service f4kkx serveur2 315d f6cnb router.f4klo Routing-Ethernet f4klo Main mikrotik router F4KLO, Parc de la villette 713d f6cnb nas.f4klo Service f4klo NAS et 713d f6cnb ntp.f4klo Service f4klo Serveur NTP asservi par GPS 713d f6cnb eme.f4klo Service f4klo PC windows 10 for EME 713d f6cnb orage.f4klo Service f4klo Thunderstorm / lightning detector 713d f6cnb temp-algeco.f4klo Service f4klo Temperature sensors algeco 713d f6cnb qo100.f4klo Service f4klo QO100 PC 713d f6cnb gpredict.f4klo Service f4klo PC FPAC 503d f6cnb nas2.f4klo Service f4klo 2 TB Raid NAS 713d f6cnb temp-platform.f4klo Service f4klo Temperature local radio platform 713d f6cnb coder.f4klo Service f4klo Dec and AH measurement 713d f6cnb energie.f4klo Service f4klo Mesure triphasee. Courants et tensions 713d f6cnb adsb.f4klo Service f4klo ADSB RX(Algeco) 74d f6cnb ctrldish.f4klo Service f4klo controleur parabole dans l'armoire de commande sur la plateforme 713d f6cnb cameraalgeco.f4klo Service f4klo IP camera inside algeco 713d f6cnb sdr5.f4klo Service f4klo High-speed PC with Adalm-Pluto SDR and Soapy SDR. 1420MHz cavity 713d f6cnb ctrlpwr.f4klo Service f4klo Raspberry remote power control 713d f6cnb simulator2.f4klo Service f4klo Test simulator 323d f6cnb acq.f4klo Service f4klo High speed PC for remote acquisition via a web interface. 360d f6cnb sdr2.f4klo Service f4klo Test SDR 713d f6cnb www1.f4klo Service f4klo HAMNET Website F4KLO Et simulatoeur 713d f6cnb cameran4.f4klo Service f4klo IP camera in La Folie N4. View on the radiotelescope 713d f6cnb weather.f4klo Service f4klo Weather station in Algeco 713d f6cnb apalgeco.f4klo Service f4klo AP Bridge - AP in algeco 713d f6cnb f6bvp-6.f4klo Service f4klo Bernard AX25 raspberry 703d f6cnb pwrplatform.f4klo Service f4klo Control PS rack and coder 525d f6cnb radmon.f4klo Service f4klo Radiation Monitor - 50cpm = 0.33 uSv/h 380d f6cnb portsdown.f4klo Service f4klo DATV on raspberry 366d f6cnb ctrlpwr2.f4klo Service f4klo Power control for QO100,gpredict and QO100 power amplifier 346d f6cnb pyindi.f4klo Service f4klo RPI4 pour nouveau simulateur 333d f6cnb ctrlpwr3.f4klo Service f4klo controle power NEW 290d f6cnb openwebrx.f4klo Service f4klo websdr based on openwebrx 189d f6cnb coder2.f4klo Service f4klo Info codeur via ctrldish 141d f6cnb cameratoit.f4klo Service f4klo Camera toit algeco 72d f6cnb air.f4klo Service f4klo PurpleAir sensor F4KLO-DP 713d f6cnb router.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb Mikrotik rh951 router in Frelsburg, Texas 2419d f6cnb www.n5cnb Service n5cnb Web server at N5CNB - 2378d f6cnb webcam.n5cnb Service n5cnb Webcam pointing north 2378d f6cnb webcam2.n5cnb Service n5cnb Webcam pointing east 2079d f6cnb sipphone.n5cnb Service n5cnb SIP phone 2419d f6cnb pc.n5cnb Service n5cnb 2328d f6cnb webcam3.n5cnb Service n5cnb New webcam User HAMNET pwd HAMNETtx 2079d f6cnb ns2.n5cnb Service n5cnb nanostation m2 to webcam 1787d f6cnb router1.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb secondary router in HAMSHACK 2209d f6cnb wspr20.n5cnb Service n5cnb wspr raspberry station 20m 1564d f6cnb pwrctl1.n5cnb Service n5cnb Power plug controller in HAMSHACK 2209d f6cnb pc2.n5cnb Service n5cnb PC in ham shack 2204d f6cnb ntp.n5cnb Service n5cnb GPS driven NTP server 2204d f6cnb shake.n5cnb Service n5cnb raspberry shake. Earthquake sensor 2081d f6cnb ap2.n5cnb Service n5cnb AP Bridge,SSID=N5CNB-1 2081d f6cnb sat.n5cnb Service n5cnb sat station 2002d f6cnb adsb.n5cnb Service n5cnb ads-b reporting receiver 2002d f6cnb satnogs-uhf.n5cnb Service n5cnb SATNOGS UHF receiver with eggbeater antenna and preamplifier 2002d f6cnb satnogs-vhf.n5cnb Service n5cnb SATNOGS VHF receiver with eggbeater antenna and low noise preamplifier 2002d f6cnb router3.n5cnb Routing-Ethernet n5cnb Router3 hamshack ( 1611d f6cnb webcam4.n5cnb Service n5cnb Webcam on the UHF antennas user HAMNET pwd HAMNETtx 1611d f6cnb sat-w10.n5cnb Service n5cnb 1594d f6cnb sat-linux.n5cnb Service n5cnb 1594d f6cnb ic9700.n5cnb Service n5cnb 1594d f6cnb adsb978.n5cnb Service n5cnb ADSB 978MHz receiver 1561d f6cnb uhfantenna.n5cnb Service n5cnb 2 CP. UHF yagi antennas controller 436d f6cnb ra.n5cnb Service n5cnb radio astronomy RX 436d f6cnb sat-linux2.n5cnb Service n5cnb Satellite receiver 436d f6cnb vpn.router2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb-7 244d f6cnb vpn.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb sstp client to 232d f6cnb vpn-csi.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo sstp client to hamnet-vpn via CSI 244d f6cnb vpn.f6bvp Routing-Tunnel f6bvp sstp client to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn.f1ebk Routing-Tunnel f1ebk sstp client to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn.n5fxh Routing-Tunnel n5fxh sstp client to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn-lte.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo sstp client to hamnet-vpn via lte 244d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb sstp client from to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn.f6bvp-5 Routing-Tunnel f6bvp-5 sstp client to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn.f1dwo Routing-Tunnel f1dwo sstp client to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn-hamnet.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb sstp client from to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn.f6iqf Routing-Tunnel f6iqf sstp client to hamnet-vpn 244d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5ktr Routing-Tunnel f5ktr sstp client to hamnet-vpn 241d f6cnb vpn-f6krk Routing-Tunnel f6krk sstp client to 242d f6cnb vpn.f1zcy Routing-Tunnel f1zcy sstp client to 239d f6cnb vpn.ct1drb Routing-Tunnel ct1drb sstp client to 240d f6cnb vpn-f5hcc Routing-Tunnel f5hcc sstp client to 232d f6cnb vpn.f6jig Routing-Tunnel f6jig sstp client to 232d f6cnb vpn.f5kia Routing-Tunnel f5kia sstp client to 233d f6cnb vpn.f5zeq Routing-Tunnel f5zeq sstp client to 232d f6cnb vpn.f1grh Routing-Tunnel f1grh sstp client to 232d f6cnb vpn.f1zjz Routing-Tunnel f1zjz sstp client to 232d f6cnb vpn-f1igy Routing-Tunnel f1igy sstp client to 231d f6cnb vpn.f4gpj Routing-Tunnel f4gpj vpn to hamnet vpn server 132d f6cnb vpn.f4jij Routing-Tunnel f4jij sstp client to f6cnb 130d f6cnb vpn.f6kbf Routing-Tunnel f6kbf sstp client to hamnet-vpn 125d f6cnb vpn.f4hxf Routing-Tunnel f4hxf sstp client from f4hxf 84d f6cnb
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