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Subnet (Backbone-Network)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     256 IPs

New VPN subnet
Last edited 2023-01-23 by f6cnb

Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited      User-Network - - France 1732d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64745 3488d f6cnb
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited vpn.router2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb-7 438d f6cnb vpn.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb sstp client to 425d f6cnb vpn-csi.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo sstp client to hamnet-vpn via CSI 438d f6cnb vpn.f6bvp Routing-Tunnel f6bvp sstp client to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn.f1ebk Routing-Tunnel f1ebk sstp client to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn.n5fxh Routing-Tunnel n5fxh sstp client to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn-lte.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo sstp client to hamnet-vpn via lte 438d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb sstp client from to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn.f6bvp-5 Routing-Tunnel f6bvp-5 sstp client to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn.f1dwo Routing-Tunnel f1dwo sstp client to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn-hamnet.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb sstp client from to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn.f6iqf Routing-Tunnel f6iqf sstp client to hamnet-vpn 438d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5ktr Routing-Tunnel f5ktr sstp client to hamnet-vpn 435d f6cnb vpn-f6krk Routing-Tunnel f6krk sstp client to 435d f6cnb vpn.f1zcy Routing-Tunnel f1zcy sstp client to 432d f6cnb vpn.ct1drb Routing-Tunnel ct1drb sstp client to 434d f6cnb vpn-f5hcc Routing-Tunnel f5hcc sstp client to 425d f6cnb vpn.f6jig Routing-Tunnel f6jig sstp client to 425d f6cnb vpn.f5kia Routing-Tunnel f5kia sstp client to 426d f6cnb vpn.f5zeq Routing-Tunnel f5zeq sstp client to 425d f6cnb vpn.f1grh Routing-Tunnel f1grh sstp client to 425d f6cnb vpn.f1zjz Routing-Tunnel f1zjz sstp client to 425d f6cnb vpn-f1igy Routing-Tunnel f1igy sstp client to 424d f6cnb vpn.f4gpj Routing-Tunnel f4gpj vpn to hamnet vpn server 325d f6cnb vpn.f4jij Routing-Tunnel f4jij sstp client to f6cnb 324d f6cnb vpn.f6kbf Routing-Tunnel f6kbf sstp client to hamnet-vpn 319d f6cnb vpn.f4hxf Routing-Tunnel f4hxf sstp client from f4hxf 278d f6cnb
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
ct1drb Paio Pires David 434d f6cnb
f1dwo Henri, Epernon 28 f6cnb Local WiFi Mikrotik router RH433 - 1 NanoBeamM5 to f6ezi - 1mikrotik dish to f6kkr 2966d f6cnb
f1ebk Patrick,la Colle 06 f6cnb,f1ebk 833d f6cnb
f1grh Pascal, Pepieux, Aude f6cnb,f1grh 2033d f6cnb
f1igy F1IGY,Limoges, 87 f4bqn,f1igy F1IGY - LIMOGES 2284d f4bqn
f1zcy Repeaters Auneuil 60 f6cnb 2510d f6cnb
f1zjz Laval, 53 f6cnb DMR Repeater 1812d f6cnb
f4gpj Stephane,St Lubin de la haye f6cnb 324d f6cnb
f4hxf 83330 Le Beausset f6cnb Didier 278d f6cnb
f4jij Montesson, 78 f6cnb Guillaume 684d f6cnb
f4klo Paris, 75019 f6cnb Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Villette Paris 75019 .. 902d f6cnb
f5hcc Fabrice, Monneville 60 f6cnb,f5hcc Site du relai f5ZFY 2500d f6cnb
f5kia RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp Local WiFi RC UAICF de Montargis (local RC) - 2810d f6cnb
f5ktr RC GRAC Paris 75 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio club du Groupe des Radio Amateurs Cheminots - Paris, France 3254d f6cnb
f5zeq Repeteur RC Sartrouville, 78 f6cnb 5685/10MHz Mesnil le roi, 78 (Chateau d'eau site du repeteur de F5KCK) 793d dg8ngn
f6bvp-5 Saint Tropez, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Second QRA F6BVP Bernard 974d f6cnb
f6bvp Bernard, Paris 75 f6cnb Local WiFi ch= 11 .. F6BVP servers: - HAMNET site: - DXPRS status page: http:/.. 3081d f6cnb
f6cnb-7 BGP gateway on Vultr server f6cnb,f1tzv Gateway to Internet for announced 909d f6cnb
f6cnb Remi, Bures-sur-Yvette 91 f6cnb HAMNET 5685MHz,BW=.. Servers, gateway and user access. - , http://hamnet.. 2182d f6cnb
f6iqf Christian, Rambouillet 78 f6cnb None Rambouillet, Christian 955d f6cnb
f6jig Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 f6cnb Local WiFi Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 2581d f6cnb
f6kbf RC Maisons Laffitte 78 f4huy,f6cnb PowerBeam M5 400,5.. 1845d f4huy
f6krk RC St Quentin en Yvelines f6cnb,f4hvq Local WiFi Radio Club de Saint Quentin en Yvelines 2190d f6cnb
n5cnb Remi Frelsburg Texas f6cnb Local WiFi N5CNB (Was W5/F6CNB) in Texas. N5CNB is my US callsign. Remi F6CNB 2583d f6cnb
n5fxh 91 Marcoussis f6cnb Local WiFi Francois Xavier 1937d f6cnb
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - 2168d f6cnb
AS64746 France (Internet BGP) f6cnb,f1tzv Main AS for new subnet which is announced on Internet 908d f6cnb
First 2 entries shown, show all 2 entries.