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Subnet (AS-User/Services)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     4096 IPs

Last edited 2014-09-24 by f6cnb
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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited      User-Network - - France 1806d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f4bvc,f5kck,f5kff,f8kgk - P25 Network in Paris 857d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kff - 5675MHz BW=10MHz 2865d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5kff - Local network Servers+Users 3543d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 AP subnet 3543d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f8kgk - F8KGK subnet 827d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4bvc - F4BVC subnet 827d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kck - f5kck 793d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - Radio Club de Versailles 78 2865d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - Local Ethernet subnet 3543d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - Local WiFi subnet 3543d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - 2362MHz BW=5MHz - On the roof of the RC Versailles 3337d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f4huy,f5zeq,f6kbf - F5ZEQ/F5KCK RC Sartrouville 78 1842d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kbf - F6KBF radio club 393d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zoi - Repeater DMR La Defense 92 2865d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zoi,f1zpq - F1ZPQ 2975d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4bwt - F4BWT 2251d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1dwo - Local WiFi - F1DWO Relay in Epernon 2865d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1lqd - F1LQD Beynes, 78 2847d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6bvp - Bernard, F6BVP Servers 2438d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6ini - Jacques, Meudon 92 2847d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5ugq - Stephane , 94 St Maur 946d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5hnk - Patrick, F5HNK, 78 Dampierre 2852d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1faq - Christian F1FAQ Palaiseau 91 3040d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f8efj - Yann F8EFJ 658d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4glj - f4glj home network 3153d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1sca - F1SCA Jean Marc, 78 Montigny 2051d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6ezi - F6EZI Neron 28 3019d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4ioa - F4IOA 951d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1shs - F1SHS 2892d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6mpn - Local WiFi 2874d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4jij 758d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6jig 2864d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6hmp-1 - F6HMP QTH 2806d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 F4EDR QRA 1845d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6fcd - F6FCD QRA 2797d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6bvp,f6bvp-3 - F6BVP subnet 2 946d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f0gby - David network 649d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4gev - F4GEV QRA 2599d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5hnk,f6kbs,f6kbs-1 - 2362MHz,BW=5MHz - Radio club CEA Saclay 2852d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f6kbs - Local Servers subnet 2852d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6kbs-1 - f6kbs AP subnet 3543d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5hnk - UHF F6KBS-F5HNK 2850d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5hnk,f6kbs - F6KBS to F5HNK 5820/5MHz 1036d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6kbs-1 - LIen chateau d'eau (F6KBS)- Local RC (F6KBS-1) 417d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kbs-1 417d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6krk 2116d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64746 New VPN subnet 518d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kkr 2847d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f6kkr - Local servers subnet 1998d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kkr - f6kkr AP subnet 2809d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6iqf - F6IQF home subnet 2809d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64753 f1zif,f1zqb,f1zsz,f5kmy - Franche-Comté 981d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825001 f5kmy - F5KMY Service Area 981d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825002 f1zif - F1ZIF Service Area 981d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825002 f1zif - F1ZIF Service Area Ethernet 826d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825002 f1zif - F1ZIF Service Area Wifi 826d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825003 f1zsz - F1ZSZ Service Area 981d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825004 f1zqb - F1ZQB Service Area 981d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220825001 f5kmy - Franche-Comté 25 User Area 981d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS64753 981d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220825001 f1zif,f5kmy - Site F5KMY - Pontarlier - Franche-Comté 25 981d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220825001 f1zsz,f5kmy - Site F5KMY - Pontarlier - Franche-Comté 25 981d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220825003 f1zqb,f1zsz - Site F1ZSZ - Morteau - Franche-Comté 25 981d f4avi   Site-Network AS65512 AS64745 f5ktr - 2362MHz,BW=5MHz - f5ktr GRAC Radio club in Paris 3153d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5ktr - Local servers subnet 3543d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 Local WiFi subnet 3543d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f5ktr - f5ktr AP subnet 3543d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 F1ZPL 2676d f6cnb   Site-Network AS65522 AS64745 F6KAW RC Ivry 94 France 3155d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zcy - F1ZCY Auneuil 60 2839d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5hcc - F5HCC et F5ZFY 2432d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5vmh - Theo F5VMH , 28 Dreux France 787d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kia,f5kia-1,f5zap,f5zvb - F5KIA Montargis 45 - 2891d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5kia,f5kia-1,f5zap,f5zvb - F5KIA local backbone network 2891d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kia - F5KIA local network 2891d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kmb - Radio club F5KMB 2981d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zht - F1ZHT site 2822d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4fsd-1 - f4fsd-1 subnet 2836d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4fsd - f4fsd site 2837d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1pry,f1zcy,f5hcc - User subnet via AP 2444d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4fhm - F4FHM Franck 2518d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1ptl - F1PTL Bruno, Rueil Malmaison 92 2517d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zka 2411d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zke - Creil 2319d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6bvp-5 - Bernard F6BVP-1 subnet 1057d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1sxo - F1SXO 2195d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4eks - F4EKS local Network 2034d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 n5fxh - N5FXH Hamnet subnet 2011d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4gpj 395d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6hmp - f6hmp Paris 1886d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4iqe - Yannick f4iqe network 1347d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 F6KBF Network 1847d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4huo - F4HUO 904d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4irf - F4IRF 1345d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4iqn - F4IQN Maxime 1308d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4iey - Jules F4IEY, 93 Noisy-le-grand 1290d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kgl - Radio Club de Neuilly-sur-Marne 1284d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1egq - F1EGQ Thierry 1262d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4kkx - f4kkx radio club network 936d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kgl - F6KGL 934d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1gma - F1GMA subnet 740d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64745 VPN access No Internet BGP announcement 979d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gev,f6cnb - VPN F4GEV-F6CNB 978d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6ini - VPN F6INI-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4dwb,f6cnb - VPN F4DWB-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1shs,f6cnb - VPN F1SHS-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4kkx,f6cnb - VPN F4KKX-F6CNB 955d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1sca,f6cnb - VPN F1SCA-F6CNB 972d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gen,f6cnb - VPN F4GEN-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4irf,f6cnb - VPN F4IRF-F6CNB 953d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4ioa,f6cnb - VPN F4IOA F6CNB 951d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5ugq,f6cnb - VPN F5UGQ-F6CNB 946d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4klo,f6cnb - VPN F4KLO-CSI F6CNB 940d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4fwh,f6cnb - VPN TO La Havre 934d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4dur,f6cnb - VPN-F4DUR-F6CNB 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4egg,f6cnb - VPN F4EGG-F6CNB 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1ibr,f6cnb - VPN-F1IBR-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4bqn,f6cnb - VPN-F4BQN-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1acq - VPN F1ACQ-F6CNB 894d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kli - VPN-F6KLI-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6aph,f6cnb - VPN F6APH-F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6grj - VPN TO Caen 762d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zke,f6cnb - VPN-F1ZKE-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4huo,f6cnb - vPN f4HUO-F6CNB 762d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4alm,f6cnb - VPN F4ALM-F6CNb 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6koh - VPN F6KOH-F6CNb 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5nlg,f6cnb - VPN F5NLG-F6CNB 972d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5nlg,f6cnb - VPN F5NLG RRF - F6CNB 972d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5cau,f6cnb - VPN F6CNB-F5CAU 900d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f8bmb - VPN F8BMB-F6CNB 974d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5rvx,f6cnb - VPN F5RVX-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f8kgk - VPN F8KGK-F6CNB 827d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5zin,f6cnb - VPN-F5ZIN-F6CNB 972d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4jbs,f6cnb - VPN F4JBS-F6CNB 798d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4fsd-1,f6cnb - VPN F4FSD-1-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4bvc,f6cnb - VPN-F4BVC-F6CNB 827d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4bwt,f6cnb - VPN-F4BWT-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kck,f6cnb - VPN -F5KCK-F6CNB 793d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iey-1,f6cnb - VPN F4IEY-1 - F6CNB 790d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5vmh,f6cnb - VPN F5VMH - F6CNB 787d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6bvp,f6cnb - VPN F6BVP-F6CNB 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4grl,f6cnb - vPN F4GRL-F6CNB 758d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4mzi,f6cnb - VPN F4MZI-F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4jbs-2,f6cnb - VPN-F4JBS-2-F6CNB 742d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1gma,f6cnb - VPN -F1GMA-F6CNB 740d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4eks,f6cnb - VPN-F4EKS-F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4klo,f6cnb - VPN F4KLO1-F6CNB 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,n5fxh - vpn f6cnb-N5fxh 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1ebk,f6cnb - VPN F1EBK-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kmb,f6cnb - VPN F5KMB-F6CNB 977d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gzr,f6cnb - VPN-F4GZR-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f1zpr,f6cnb - VPN-F1ZPR-F6CNB 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 VPN F5ORE-F6CNb 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 ct2gpi,f6cnb - VPN CT2GPI-F6CNB 972d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4glj,f6cnb - VPN F4GLJ-F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4edr,f6cnb - VPN F4EDR-F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6gwe - VPN F6GWE F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iqn,f6cnb - pptp link f4iqn-f6cnb 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iey,f6cnb - VPN F4IEY-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zqi,f6cnb 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kgl - VPN-F6KGL-F6CNB 975d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1egq,f6cnb - VPN F1EGQ-F6CNB 972d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4fpr,f6cnb - VPN F4FPR-F6CNB 919d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iqn-2,f6cnb - VPN F6CNB-SM/F4IQN 597d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f8efj - VPN F8EFJ-F6CNB 658d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f0gby,f6cnb - VPN F0GBY F6CNB 649d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f4itn-2,f6cnb - VPN F6CNB - F8KLY 597d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - pptp user vpn subnet 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - l2tp vpn subnet 978d f6cnb
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited router.f5kff Routing-Ethernet f5kff 857d f6cnb router.f8kgk Routing-Ethernet f8kgk Mikrotik router 827d f6cnb www.f8kgk Service f8kgk server 827d f6cnb router.f4bvc Routing-Ethernet f4bvc Mikrotik router 827d f6cnb www.f4bvc Service f4bvc server 827d f6cnb router.f5kck Routing-Ethernet f5kck Mikrotik router f5kck 793d f6cnb router.f6kfv Routing-Ethernet f6kfv 3619d f6cnb webcam.f6kfv Service f6kfv DLink webcam. Flux rtsp:// 3551d f6cnb www.f6kfv Service f6kfv Serveur web 3619d f6cnb dns.f6kfv Service f6kfv dns secondaire pour hamnet IDF 3526d f6cnb sipphone.f6kfv Service f6kfv SIP phone poste 600 3483d f6cnb pc.f6kfv Service f6kfv Club PC 3552d f6cnb wifi-router.f6kfv Routing-Ethernet f6kfv 3543d f6cnb ap-router.f6kfv Service f6kfv Port routeur mikrotik vers Point d'acces 3337d f6cnb ap.f6kfv Service f6kfv AP Bridge,2362MHz,BW=5MHz 3337d f6cnb router.f5zeq Service f5zeq 3308d f6cnb webcam.f5zeq Service f5zeq Webcam Chateau d'eau de F5ZEQ - - user HAMNET - pass.. 2513d f6cnb ap2.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge (AirMax),5840/5MHz HAMNET-F5ZEQ2 - Powerbeam M5-400 toward ex F1EBK 680d f6cnb rrf.f5zeq Service f5zeq Repeteur reseau RRF 2005d f6cnb sta.f6kbf Routing-Radio f6kbf Powerbeam M5 vers F5ZEQ 715d f6cnb f5zeq-router.f6kbf Routing-Ethernet f6kbf radio link to F5ZEQ 1842d f6cnb ap.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge,5.685MHz/10MHz SSID=HAMNET-F5KCK - 5.7GHZ Acces point Omni 715d f6cnb sta.f4huy Service f4huy Station - Station Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 2233d f4huy ads.f5zeq Service f5zeq Recepteur ADS 2003d f6cnb router.f6kbf Routing-Ethernet f6kbf main router f6kbf 393d f6cnb router.f1zoi Service f1zoi routeur du site f1zoi 3328d f6cnb dmr.f1zoi Service f1zoi Repeteur DMR F1ZOI. Fréquence : 430.2875 +9.4 MHz 3318d f6cnb dmr-ctrl.f1zoi Service f1zoi Controle du repeteur DMR F1ZOI 3318d f6cnb router.f1zpq Routing-Ethernet f1zpq Routeur Grande Arche 2975d f6cnb p25.f1zpq Service f1zpq Repeteur P25 855d f1shs router-ap.f1zpq Service f1zpq Voie routeur vers PA 2515d f6cnb ap.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq AP Bridge,5675MHz,BW=10MHz,+/-60deg vers NE - Antenne panneau 19dBi 120deg + R.. 2515d f6cnb bb-f1zpq.f1zoi Routing-Radio f1zoi Station (AirMax),5675/10MHz - Lien 5GHz entre F1ZOI et F1ZPQ 2515d f6cnb router-bb-f1zpq.f1zoi Service f1zoi Port routeur vers F1ZPQ 2515d f6cnb router.f4bwt Routing-Ethernet f4bwt routeur Laurent F4BWT 2251d f6cnb www.f4bwt Service f4bwt website 2251d f6cnb router.f1dwo Routing-Ethernet f1dwo Mikrotik RB433 router at F1DWO 3560d f6cnb router.f1lqd Routing-Ethernet f1lqd Mikrotik router RB433 at F1LQD 3543d f6cnb router.f6bvp Routing-Ethernet f6bvp Mikrotik router at F6BVP 3564d f6cnb dxc-sec.f6bvp Service f6bvp F6BVP Dx Spider secondaire - 976d f6cnb bbs.f6bvp Service f6bvp F6BVP BBS et DXSpider 3521d f6cnb pc.f6bvp Service f6bvp 3524d f6cnb webcam.f6bvp Service f6bvp Raspberry + camera - 3516d f6cnb webcam2.f6bvp Service f6bvp 2nd Webcam 3155d f6cnb print.f6bvp Service f6bvp printer 946d f6cnb router.f6ini Routing-Ethernet f6ini Mikrotik router RH433 3564d f6cnb www.f6ini Service f6ini Serveur web 3519d f6cnb webcam.f6ini Service f6ini 3535d f6cnb router.f5ugq Routing-Ethernet f5ugq router mikrotik 946d f6cnb www.f5ugq Service f5ugq futur serveur 946d f6cnb router.f5hnk Service f5hnk Mikrotik RB433 Router 3559d f6cnb router.f1faq Routing-Ethernet f1faq F1FAQ Mikrotik router 3040d f6cnb www.f1faq Service f1faq F1FAQ website 3309d f6cnb router.f8efj Routing-Ethernet f8efj mikrotik router 658d f6cnb www.f8efj Service f8efj Future server 658d f6cnb routeur.f4glj Service f4glj f4glj routeur 3153d f6cnb webcam.f4glj Service f4glj webcam 1604d f6cnb www.f4glj Service f4glj webserveur 3151d f6cnb router.f1sca Service f1sca F1SCA router 2564d f6cnb ipsc2.f1sca Service f1sca 2050d f6cnb router.f6ezi Routing-Ethernet f6ezi Mikrotik router at f6ezi QRA 3019d f6cnb ap.f6ezi Service f6ezi AP Bridge (AirMax),SSID HAMNET 5675/5MHz - HAMNET access NERON 28 FRANCE. S 3019d f6cnb router.f4ioa Routing-Ethernet f4ioa mikrotik router 951d f6cnb router.f1shs Service f1shs Mikrotik router with pptp connection to HAMNET 2892d f6cnb cisco.f1shs Service f1shs Cisco Lab 855d f1shs router.f6mpn Routing-Ethernet f6mpn f6mpn hap lite router 2874d f6cnb router.f4jij Routing-Ethernet f4jij Router Mikrotik 758d f6cnb router.f6jig Routing-Ethernet f6jig F6JIG hAP lite router 2864d f6cnb www.f6jig Service f6jig Serveur Web 2864d f6cnb router-1.f6hmp Service f6hmp-1 Router f6hmp Valery en Somme 1886d f6cnb router.f6fcd Routing-Ethernet f6fcd AP Bridge,Local WiFi - hap lite router 2797d f6cnb www.f6fcd Service f6fcd Web Server 2797d f6cnb router2.f6bvp Routing-Ethernet f6bvp router to dhcp 946d f6cnb curiesat.f6bvp-3 Service f6bvp-3 1113d f6cnb router.f0gby Routing-Ethernet f0gby router Mikrotik 649d f6cnb www.f0gby Service f0gby futur serveur f0gby 649d f6cnb rtr.f4gev Routing-Ethernet f4gev Network Router 1191d f4gev www.f4gev Service f4gev serveur 1192d f4gev 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view of Paris (user HAMNET password HAMNET). - bientot vue de Paris (util.. 3484d f6cnb echolink.f5ktr Service f5ktr Echolink F5KTR-L 2501d f6cnb ap-router.f5ktr Routing-Ethernet f5ktr router port to AP 3543d f6cnb ap.f5ktr Service f5ktr AP Bridge,2362MHz,BW=5MHz - GRAC HAMNET access point 3562d f6cnb ap5.f5ktr Routing-Radio f5ktr AP Bridge,HAMNET-F5KTR 5675/10MHz - NanoStation-M5 vers Ivry 2520d f6cnb router.f1zcy Service f1zcy Router F1ZCY 2839d f6cnb router.f5hcc Routing-Ethernet f5hcc mikrotik router 3477d f6cnb dstar.f5hcc Service f5hcc dstar gateway 3437d f6cnb c4fm.f5hcc Service f5hcc Repeteur Fusion/C4FM 2669d f6cnb routeur.f5vmh Routing-Ethernet f5vmh Routeur Dreux ouest de Paris 3453d f6cnb ap1.f5vmh Service f5vmh 786d f6cnb router.f5kia Routing-Ethernet f5kia RB433 router RC Montargis 3021d f6cnb nsm5-box.f5kia Routing-Radio f5kia-1 Station (AirMax),5785/25MHz - NanoStationM5 2989d f6cnb pylone.f5zap Routing-Radio f5zap AP Bridge (AirMax),5785/25MHz - PowerBeamM5-300 2989d 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Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from N5CNB 978d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4dwb Routing-Tunnel f4dwb pptp client to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f4dwb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4DWB 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1shs Routing-Tunnel f1shs pptp client to F6CNB 975d f6cnb vpn-f1shs.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1SHS 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4kkx Routing-Tunnel f4kkx pptp client to f6cnb 955d f6cnb vpn-f4kkx.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp serveur from f4kkx 955d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1sca Routing-Tunnel f1sca pptp client to F6CNB 972d f6cnb vpn-f1sca.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb ptp server from f1sca 972d f6cnb vpn-f5ktr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F5KTR 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4gen Routing-Tunnel f4gen pptp client to F6CNB 976d f6cnb vpn-f4gen.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4GEN 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4irf Routing-Tunnel f4irf pptp client to f6cnb 953d f6cnb vpn-f4irf.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4irf 953d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4ioa Routing-Tunnel f4ioa pptp client to f6cnb 951d f6cnb vpn-f4ioa.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4ioa 951d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5ugq Routing-Tunnel f5ugq pptp client to f6cnb 946d f6cnb vpn-f5ugq.f6cnb Service f6cnb pptp server from f5ugq 946d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb-csi.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo pptp client via CSI to f6cnb 940d f6cnb vpn-f4klo-csi.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 940d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4fwh Routing-Tunnel f4fwh pptp to f6cnb 934d f6cnb vpn-f4fwh.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp serveur de f4fwh 934d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4dur Routing-Tunnel f4dur pptp client to f6cnb 976d f6cnb vpn-f4dur.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4dur 976d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4egg Routing-Tunnel f4egg pptp client to f6cnb 976d f6cnb vpn-f4egg.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4egg 976d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1ibr Routing-Tunnel f1ibr pptp client to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f1ibr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1ibr 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4bqn Routing-Tunnel f4bqn pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f4bqn.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4bqn 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1acq Routing-Ethernet f1acq 901d f4fwh vpn-f6cnb.f6kli Routing-Tunnel f6kli pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f6kli.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KLI 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6aph Routing-Tunnel f6aph pptp Client to f6cnb 973d f6cnb vpn-f6aph.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6APH 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6grj Routing-Tunnel f6grj pptp to f6cnb 878d f4fwh vpn-f6grj.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb PPTP F6CNB to F6GRJ 878d f4fwh vpn-f6cnb.f1zke Routing-Tunnel f1zke pptp client to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f1zke.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1ZKE 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4huo Routing-Tunnel f4huo pptp client to f6cnb 762d f6cnb vpn-f4huo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4huo 762d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4alm Routing-Tunnel f4alm pptp client to f6cnb 973d f6cnb vpn-f4alm.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4alm 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6koh Routing-Tunnel f6koh pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f6koh.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KOH 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5nlg Routing-Tunnel f5nlg pptp Client to F6CNB 972d f6cnb vpn-f5nlg.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp serveur from F5NLG 972d f6cnb rrf.f5nlg Service f5nlg Serveur Reseau des Repeteurs Francophone 972d f6cnb vpn-rrf-n5nlg.f6cnb Service f6cnb PPTP server from serveur RRF 972d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5cau Routing-Tunnel f5cau PPTP to F6CNB 900d f6cnb vpn-f5cau.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F5CAU 900d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f8bmb Routing-Tunnel f8bmb pptp client to f6cnb 974d f6cnb vpn-f8bmb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f8bmb 974d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5rvx Routing-Tunnel f5rvx pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f5rvx.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f5rvx 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f8kgk Routing-Tunnel f8kgk pptp client to f6cnb 827d f6cnb vpn-f8kgk.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f8kgk 827d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5zin Service f5zin pptp client to f6cnb 972d f6cnb vpn-f5zin.f6cnb Service f6cnb pptp server from F5ZIN 972d f6cnb pptp-f6cnb.f4jbs Routing-Tunnel f4jbs pptp client to f6cnb 798d f6cnb pptp-f6jbs.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4jbs 798d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4fsd-1 Routing-Tunnel f4fsd-1 pptp client to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f4fsd-1.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4FSD-1 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4bvc Routing-Tunnel f4bvc pptp client to f6cnb 827d f6cnb vpn-f4bvc.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4bvc 827d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4bwt Routing-Tunnel f4bwt pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f4bwt.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4bwt 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5kck Routing-Tunnel f5kck pptp client to f6cnb 793d f6cnb fpn-f5kck.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f5kck 793d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4iey-1 Routing-Tunnel f4iey-1 pptp client to f6cnb 790d f6cnb vpn-f4iey-1.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 790d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5vmh Routing-Ethernet f5vmh pptp client to f6cnb 787d f6cnb vpn-f5vmh.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F5VMH 787d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6bvp Routing-Tunnel f6bvp pptp client to F6CNB 976d f6cnb vpn-f6bvp.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6BVP 976d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4grl Routing-Tunnel f4grl vpn pptp to f6cnb 972d f6cnb vpn-f4grl.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb vpn pptp server from f4grl 972d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4mzi Routing-Tunnel f4mzi vpn pptp client to f6cnb 973d f6cnb vpn-f4mzi.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb vpn pptp server from F4MZI 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb-2.f4jbs Routing-Tunnel f4jbs-2 742d f6cnb vpn-f4jbs-2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Second VPN vers 2nd QRA 742d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1gma Routing-Tunnel f1gma pptp client to F6CNB 740d f6cnb vpn-f1gma.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1gma 740d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4eks Routing-Tunnel f4eks PPTP Client to F6CNB 973d f6cnb vpn-f4eks.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb PPTP SErver from F4EKS 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.lte1.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo VPN via LTE to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f4klo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f6cnb/P LTE for demo 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.n5fxh Routing-Tunnel n5fxh pptp client to F6CNB 973d f6cnb vpn-n5fxh.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from N5FXH 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1ebk Routing-Tunnel f1ebk pptp client to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f1ebk.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1EBK 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5kmb Routing-Tunnel f5kmb pptp client to F6CNB 977d f6cnb vpn-f5kmb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F5KMB 977d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4gzr Routing-Tunnel f4gzr pptp client vers F6CNB 975d f6cnb vpn-f4gzr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1zpr Routing-Tunnel f1zpr pptp client to f6cnb 976d f6cnb vpn-f1zpr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1zpr 976d f6cnb pptp-f6kbf.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f6kbf 972d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.ct2gpi Routing-Tunnel ct2gpi pptp client to f6cnb 972d f6cnb vpn-ct2gpi.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from ct2cgi 972d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4glj Routing-Tunnel f4glj PPTP Client to F6CNB 973d f6cnb vpn-f4glj.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4glj 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4edr Routing-Tunnel f4edr pptp client to f6cnb 973d f6cnb vpn-f4edr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4edr 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6gwe Routing-Tunnel f6gwe pptp client to f6cnb 973d f6cnb vpn-f6gwe.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f6gwe 973d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4iqn Routing-Tunnel f4iqn pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f4iqn.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4iqn 975d f6cnb pptp-f6cnb.f4iey Routing-Tunnel f4iey pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb pptp-f4iey.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4iey 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1zqi Routing-Tunnel f1zqi pptp client to F6CNB 976d f6cnb vpn-f1zqi.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1zqi 976d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6kgl Routing-Tunnel f6kgl pptp client to f6cnb 975d f6cnb vpn-f6kgl.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KGL 975d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1egq Routing-Tunnel f1egq pptp client to f6cnb 972d f6cnb vpn-f1egq.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1egq 972d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4fpr Routing-Tunnel f4fpr vpn to f6cnb 919d f6cnb vpn-f4fpr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 919d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4iqn-2 Routing-Tunnel f4iqn-2 VPN PPTP to F6CNB 673d f6cnb vpn-f4iqn-2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 673d f6cnb pptp-f6cnb.f8efj Routing-Tunnel f8efj pptp client to f6cnb 658d f6cnb pptp-f8efj.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f8efj 658d f6cnb pptp-f6cnb.f0gby Routing-Tunnel f0gby pptp client to f6cnb 649d f6cnb pptp-f0gby.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f0gby 649d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f8kly Routing-Tunnel f4itn-2 ipip to f6cnb 429d f4hof pptp-f8kly.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f8kly 597d f6cnb pptp-srvr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server for user access 976d f6cnb l2pt-srvr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb l2tp vpn server for user access 976d f6cnb
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
ct1drb Paio Pires David 508d f6cnb
ct2gpi Lisboa ct2gpi For local access 2141d ct1drb
f0gby David, Les Mureaux, 78 f6cnb 2635d f6cnb
f1acq Montivilliers,76 f4fwh,f6cnb Philippe 920d f6cnb
f1dwo Henri, Epernon 28 f6cnb Local WiFi Mikrotik router RH433 - 1 NanoBeamM5 to f6ezi - 1mikrotik dish to f6kkr 3040d f6cnb
f1ebk Patrick,la Colle 06 f6cnb,f1ebk 907d f6cnb
f1egq Thierry, 95 Santeuil f6cnb 1390d f6cnb
f1faq Christian, Palaiseau 91 f6cnb Local WiFi F1FAQ, Christian, Palaiseau, 91 3521d f6cnb
f1gma Noisy le grand , 93 f6cnb Philippe QRA 740d f6cnb
f1grh Pascal, Pepieux, Aude f6cnb,f1grh 2107d f6cnb
f1ibr CHAZELLES 42 f6cnb QTH Christian F1IBR 2373d f6cnb
f1igy F1IGY,Limoges, 87 f4bqn,f1igy F1IGY - LIMOGES 2358d f4bqn
f1lqd Jacky, Beynes 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Beynes, 78 3588d f6cnb
f1pry Emmanuel, 60 Jouy-sous-thelle f6cnb 2580d f6cnb
f1ptl Bruno, Rueil Malmaison 92 f6cnb Local WiFi Bruno QRA 2517d f6cnb
f1sca Jean-Marc, Montigny 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Montigny, 78 2565d f6cnb
f1shs F1SHS QTH f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi WebSite 459d f1shs
f1sxo Colomiers f6cnb Frederic F1SXO QRA 2206d f6cnb
f1zcy Repeaters Auneuil 60 f6cnb 2584d f6cnb
f1zht Repeater F1ZHT 60 f6cnb None DMR repeater 60 Mesnil sur bulles 3043d f6cnb
f1zif Pontarlier f1tzv,f4avi 1002d f4avi
f1zjz Laval, 53 f6cnb DMR Repeater 1886d f6cnb
f1zka repeater site f6cnb Bus St Remy, 27 2411d f6cnb
f1zke Repeteur Creil,60 f6cnb,f4fsd 2066d f6cnb
f1zoi Repeteur F1ZOI 92 f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi DMR Repeater, Tout PB13 La Défense 855d f1shs
f1zpq Repeater F1ZPQ La Defense f6cnb,f1shs Répéteur P25 Grande Arche La Défense 855d f1shs
f1zpr St Michel-tuboeuf, 61 Chateau d'eau les Fichets 1869d f6cnb
f1zqb Montbéliard f1tzv,f4avi 1002d f4avi
f1zqi Pre-En-Vail, 53 f6cnb F1ZQI sysop F4GZR 1289d f6cnb
f1zsz Morteau f1tzv,f4avi 1002d f4avi
f4alm Chenove, 21 f6cnb Nicolas QRA 2304d f6cnb
f4bqn F4BQN,Limoges, 87 f4bqn,f1igy F4BQN - LIMOGES 2357d f4bqn
f4bvc 76, Le Mesnil Esnard f6cnb F4BVC QRA 827d f6cnb
f4bwt Montmorency, 95 f6cnb Laurent QTH 2267d f6cnb
f4dur Grezieu le Marche, 69 f6cnb Christophe 2349d f6cnb
f4dwb f4dwb home f4gen,f6cnb 48°40.66' N 6°13.66' E 3072d f6cnb
f4edr Le Luc en Provence, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Jean-Michel QRA 1845d f6cnb
f4egg F4EGG QTH f6cnb Thierry F4EGG 2396d f6cnb
f4eks Rosny sous bois 93 f6cnb Jerome QRA 758d f6cnb
f4fhm Franck, Aulnoye-Aymeries, 59 f6cnb Local WiFi Aulnoye-Aymeries, 59 2518d f6cnb
f4fpr St Ouen l'aumone, 95 f6cnb QTH Benjamin F4FPR/K5AW 1234d f6cnb
f4fsd-1 Laurent, Villiers-sous-St-Leu 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Villiers sous St Leu, 60 2832d f6cnb
f4fsd Laurent, Montataire 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Montataire 60 2832d f6cnb
f4fwh Le Havre f4fwh 933d f4fwh
f4gen Patrice, Nancy Main Nancy area site 3696d f6cnb
f4gev Laurent, Aubagne 13 f6cnb Aubagne 1193d f4gev
f4glj Pierre, Galgon 33 f6cnb 33133-GALGON 1620d f6cnb
f4gpj Stephane,St Lubin de la haye f6cnb 398d f6cnb
f4grl Lherm, 31 f6cnb Yves 2074d f6cnb
f4gzr La Chapelle Rainsouin, 53 f6cnb judicael festin 1901d f6cnb
f4huo Pontault-Combaut, 77 f6cnb 904d f6cnb
f4huy Anthony, Maisons Laffitte f6cnb,f4huy 1939d f4huy
f4hxf 83330 Le Beausset f6cnb Didier 351d f6cnb
f4iey-1 Le Plessis Robinson,92 f6cnb Jules F4IEY - K4IEY 790d f6cnb
f4iey Jules, 93 Noisy-le-grand f6cnb Jules F4IEY, 93 Noisy le Grand 1290d f6cnb
f4ioa Le Plessis Trevise, 94 Laurent QTH 952d f6cnb
f4iqe Yannick, 92 f6cnb 1113d f6cnb
f4iqn-2 Sweden Maxime SM/F4IQN portable in Sweden 673d f6cnb
f4iqn Maxime,75015 Paris, f6cnb Maxime 1308d f6cnb
f4irf Noisy le grand, 93 f6cnb 953d f6cnb
f4itn-2 F4ITN (dc) f4hof,f6aue,f4gsp,.. 429d f4hof
f4jbs-2 Cavaillon, 84 f6cnb F4JBS second site 743d f6cnb
f4jbs Annonay 07 f6cnb Damien 798d f6cnb
f4jij Montesson, 78 f6cnb Guillaume 758d f6cnb
f4kkx 93160 Noisy-le-grand f6cnb,f1shs Radio club ESIEE Paris 854d f1shs
f4klo Paris, 75019 f6cnb Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Villette Paris 75019 .. 976d f6cnb
f4mzi ST AMAND LES EAUX, 59 f6cnb QTH Pierre-Philippe 2068d f6cnb
f5cau GIL, La Gaude (06) f6cnb,f1ebk 907d f6cnb
f5hcc Fabrice, Monneville 60 f6cnb,f5hcc Site du relai f5ZFY 2574d f6cnb
f5hnk Patrick, Dampierre 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Dampierre, 78 3559d f6cnb
f5kck RC Sartrouville 78 f6cnb RC Sartrouville, 78 2867d f6cnb
f5kff Neuilly sur Marne f6cnb Radio Club de la Haute Ile. also f6kgl 857d f6cnb
f5kia-1 RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp RC UAICF de Montargis (local box internet) - 2884d f6cnb
f5kia RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp Local WiFi RC UAICF de Montargis (local RC) - 2884d f6cnb
f5kmb RC Pierre Coulon f6cnb Local WiFi Saint Just en Chaussée 60 2981d f6cnb
f5kmy Pontarlier f1tzv,f4avi RadioClub Pontarlier 1002d f4avi
f5ktr RC GRAC Paris 75 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio club du Groupe des Radio Amateurs Cheminots - Paris, France 3328d f6cnb
f5nlg Belle Isle en Terre 22 f6cnb,f5nlg QRA F5NLG 2298d f6cnb
f5rvx Philippe f6cnb Concarneau, 29 449d f5rvx
f5ugq Saint Maur les fosses, 94 f6cnb Stephane QTH 946d f6cnb
f5vmh Theo, Dreux, 28 f6cnb,f5vmh 2362MHz-5MHz Dreux, 28 3327d f6cnb
f5zap RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp RC UAICF de Montargis (Pylone de F5ZAP repeteur UHF) - 2884d f6cnb
f5zeq Repeteur RC Sartrouville, 78 f6cnb 5685/10MHz Mesnil le roi, 78 (Chateau d'eau site du repeteur de F5KCK) 867d dg8ngn
f5zin Plounevez Moedec, 22 f6cnb Repeater 10/2/0.70m (F5NLG) 2285d f6cnb
f5zvb RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp RC UAICF de Montargis (Pylone de F5ZVB repeteur VHF) - 2884d f6cnb
f6aph Bonson, 42 f6cnb QTH Francois 2349d f6cnb
f6bvp-3 Curiesat,Paris f6cnb CurieSat control station 2203d f6cnb
f6bvp-5 Saint Tropez, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Second QRA F6BVP Bernard 1048d f6cnb
f6bvp Bernard, Paris 75 f6cnb Local WiFi ch= 11 .. F6BVP servers: - HAMNET site: - DXPRS status page: http:/.. 3155d f6cnb
f6cnb-7 BGP gateway on Vultr server f6cnb,f1tzv Gateway to Internet for announced 983d f6cnb
f6cnb Remi, Bures-sur-Yvette 91 f6cnb HAMNET 5685MHz,BW=.. Servers, gateway and user access. - , http://hamnet.. 2256d f6cnb
f6ezi Jean-Luc, Neron 28 f6cnb HAMNET 5675/5MHz Jean Luc, Neron 28 3019d f6cnb
f6fcd Lionel QTH f6cnb Prasville, 28 2797d f6cnb
f6grj Bavent f6grj,f4fwh 878d f4fwh
f6gwe Patrick, St Maxime 83 f6cnb 1325d f6cnb
f6hmp-1 Valery en somme, 80 f6cnb 1887d f6cnb
f6hmp Patrick QRA, Paris f6cnb Patrick QTH Paris 7eme 2809d f6cnb
f6ini Jacques Meudon 92 f6cnb Local WiFi f6ini Jacques 92 Meudon 3535d f6cnb
f6iqf Christian, Rambouillet 78 f6cnb None Rambouillet, Christian 1029d f6cnb
f6jig Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 f6cnb Local WiFi Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 2655d f6cnb
f6kbf RC Maisons Laffitte 78 f4huy,f6cnb PowerBeam M5 400,5.. 1919d f4huy
f6kbs-1 RC CEA f6cnb,f5iab Local RC CEA Saclay 418d f6cnb
f6kbs RC CEA Saclay 91 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC du CEA Saclay 91 1036d f6cnb
f6kfv RC Versailles 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio Club de Versailles 78 3328d f6cnb
f6kgl Neuilly-sur-Marne,93 f6cnb,f1shs Radio Club de Neuilly-sur-Marne 854d f1shs
f6kkr RC Rambouillet 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC de Rambouillet 78 1048d f6cnb
f6kli Libourne, 33 f6cnb RC DU LIBOURNAIS, Libourne 33 2356d f6cnb
f6koh le havre f6cnb,f4gyb 2301d f6cnb
f6krk RC St Quentin en Yvelines f6cnb,f4hvq Local WiFi Radio Club de Saint Quentin en Yvelines 2264d f6cnb
f6mpn Gerald Villebon, 91 f6cnb local WiFi 2877d f6cnb
f8bmb Gombergean, 41 f6cnb Jean-Paul QRA 2294d f6cnb
f8efj Yann, 75 Paris f6cnb Yann QTH Paris 13 658d f6cnb
f8kgk Bihorel, 76 f6cnb Radio Club 827d f6cnb
n5cnb Remi Frelsburg Texas f6cnb Local WiFi N5CNB (Was W5/F6CNB) in Texas. N5CNB is my US callsign. Remi F6CNB 2657d f6cnb
n5fxh 91 Marcoussis f6cnb Local WiFi Francois Xavier 2011d f6cnb
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - 2242d f6cnb
AS64746 France (Internet BGP) f6cnb,f1tzv Main AS for new subnet which is announced on Internet 982d f6cnb
AS64753 France, Dept 25 , Doubs f1tzv,f8ghe,f4avi 981d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825001 f5kmy f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 981d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825002 f1zif f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 981d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825003 f1zsz f1tzv,f4avi Morteau (25) 981d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825004 f1zqb f1tzv,f4avi Montbéliard (25) 981d f4avi
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