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Subnet (User-Network)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     65536 IPs

Last edited 2019-07-16 by f6cnb
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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited AS-User/Services - AS64743 Alsace Service Area 1184d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220867001 f1zkt - F1ZKT Site Area 1872d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220867002 f1zdd - F1ZDD Site Area 1867d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220867008 f4egx - F4EGX Service area 632d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220867005 f4avi - F4AVI Power Service Area 716d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220867003 f5zav - F5ZAV Site Area 1872d f4avi      Service-Network - AS64743 f1zkt - VPN Alsace Area 1247d f4avi      Service-Network - AS64743 f1zkt - VPN Alsace Area 1247d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220867005 f4avi - F4AVI Site Area 936d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220867005 f4avi - F4AVI Service Area 936d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220867005 f4avi - F4AVI Service Wifi Area 936d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220867004 f5zsm - F5ZSM Site Area 1193d f4avi AS-User/Services - AS64743 Alsace Service Area 1184d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220868001 f5jya - F5JYA Site Area 1020d f4avi AS-Backbone - AS64743 Alsace VPN Subnet 1006d f4avi AS-Backbone - AS4220867000 VPN Alsace Area 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f1zkt,f67als - VPN F67ALS-F1ZKT ( 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f5jya,f67als - VPN F67ALS-F5JYA 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f5kmy,f67als - VPN F67ALS-F5KMY 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f67als,fr5gs - VPN F67ALS-FR5GS 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f67als,fr4li - VPN F67ALS-FR4LI 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f67als,fr5cu - VPN F67ALS-FR5CU 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f67als,f6grh - VPN F67ALS-F6GRH 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f67als,fr9xxz - VPN F67ALS-FR9XXZ 982d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f1zkt,f67als - VPN F67ALS-F1ZKT ( 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f1zkt,f67als - VPN F67ALS-F1ZKT ( 946d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867000 f4avi,f67als - VPN F67ALS-ThinkPad 982d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899003 fr4li,fr5gs - VPN FR4LI-FR5GS 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899003 fr4li,fr5cu - VPN FR4LI-FR5CU 1004d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899002 fr5cu,fr5gs - VPN FR5CU-FR5GS 1004d f4avi AS-Backbone - AS64745 HAMNET IDF Very grand Paris area 2875d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1dwo,f6kkr - Backbone F6KKR-F1DWO 3037d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6ezi,f6kkr - Backbone F6KKR-F6EZI 3037d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f5hcc - Backbone F5HCC-F1ZCY 2615d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1faq,f6cnb - Backbone F1FAQ-F6CNB 3005d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4glj - F4GLJ radio link 1637d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - VPN links to DSTAR DCS033 VPS 3090d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 GRE tunnel f6cnb-f4dwb 3090d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f1zht - backbone radio Oise between F1ZCY and F1ZHT repeaters 2857d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1dwo,f5znx - Backbone F1DWO-F5ZNX 3059d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 HAMNET-DMRPLUS-France-Alsace208 VPN 2616d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4kkx,f6kbs - Backbone F6KBS-F4KKX 5665/5MHz 871d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kbs - Backbone F6CNB-F6KBS 5695MHz/5MHz 1054d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6kkr - Backbone F6KBS-F6KKR 5725/5MHz SSID HAMNET-F6KBS-F6KKR 483d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1lqd - Backbone F8KHQ-F1LQD 3005d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6hmp - Backbone F8KHQ- F6HMP 2823d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zpq - lien F1ZOI-F1ZPQ Not used link via AP 2533d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zpq,f5zeq - Backbone F1ZPQ-F5ZEQ 2899d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6mpn - Backbone F6CNB-F6MPN 2895d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6iqf,f6kkr - F6KKR-F6IQF 5GHz link 2834d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1shs,f6cnb - Test link f1shs-f6cnb GRE 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kff,f6cnb - gre f6cnb-f5kff 974d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kfw - gre tunnel f6cnb-f6kfw 3087d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 link Gateway-Brandsmeister France 3092d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4hof-100,f6cnb - gre tunnel f4hof-f6cnb Loire-IDF 3113d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - Link gateway-cbridgeDMR 3124d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - gre tunnel f4glj-f6cnb 3165d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5oeo,f6cnb - gre tunnel f5oeo-f6cnb 3170d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f6cnb - n5cnb link 970d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - n5cnb 970d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gkr,f6cnb - gre tunnel f4gkr-f6cnb 3172d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6krk - BB F6KBS-F1SCA-F6KRK 5780/5MHz 1054d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy - Backbone F1ZCY-F8KHQ 2451d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f1zka 2429d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kck,f5zeq - Backbone F5ZEQ-F5KCK 740d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f1zke - F1ZCY-Malassise-Creil F1ZKE 1912d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6iqf,f6kkr - F6IQF-F6KKR 60G LInk 1870d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zke,f4fsd - Link f1zke-f4fsd 1727d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zke,f4fsd-1 - Link f1zke-f4fsd-1 1727d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,n5cnb - GRE Tunnel hamnet> n5cnb 1686d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,n5cnb - GRE Tunnet>n5cnb 1686d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4klo,f4klo-1 - F4KLO -4G 1452d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64745 3580d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f4bvc,f5kck,f5kff,f8kgk - P25 Network in Paris 875d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kff - 5675MHz BW=10MHz 2883d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5kff - Local network Servers+Users 3561d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 AP subnet 3561d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f8kgk - F8KGK subnet 845d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4bvc - F4BVC subnet 845d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kck - f5kck 811d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - Radio Club de Versailles 78 2883d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - Local Ethernet subnet 3561d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - Local WiFi subnet 3561d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kfv - 2362MHz BW=5MHz - On the roof of the RC Versailles 3355d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f4huy,f5zeq,f6kbf - F5ZEQ/F5KCK RC Sartrouville 78 1860d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kbf - F6KBF radio club 411d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zoi - Repeater DMR La Defense 92 2883d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zoi,f1zpq - F1ZPQ 2993d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4bwt - F4BWT 2269d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1dwo - Local WiFi - F1DWO Relay in Epernon 2883d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1lqd - F1LQD Beynes, 78 2865d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6bvp - Bernard, F6BVP Servers 2456d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6ini - Jacques, Meudon 92 2865d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5ugq - Stephane , 94 St Maur 964d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5hnk - Patrick, F5HNK, 78 Dampierre 2870d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1faq - Christian F1FAQ Palaiseau 91 3058d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f8efj - Yann F8EFJ 676d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4glj - f4glj home network 3171d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1sca - F1SCA Jean Marc, 78 Montigny 2069d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6ezi - F6EZI Neron 28 3037d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4ioa - F4IOA 969d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1shs - F1SHS 2910d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6mpn - Local WiFi 2892d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4jij 776d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6jig 2882d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6hmp-1 - F6HMP QTH 2824d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 F4EDR QRA 1863d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6fcd - F6FCD QRA 2815d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6bvp,f6bvp-3 - F6BVP subnet 2 964d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f0gby - David network 667d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4gev - F4GEV QRA 2617d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5hnk,f6kbs,f6kbs-1 - 2362MHz,BW=5MHz - Radio club CEA Saclay 2870d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f6kbs - Local Servers subnet 2870d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6kbs-1 - f6kbs AP subnet 3561d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5hnk - UHF F6KBS-F5HNK 2868d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5hnk,f6kbs - F6KBS to F5HNK 5820/5MHz 1054d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6kbs-1 - LIen chateau d'eau (F6KBS)- Local RC (F6KBS-1) 435d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kbs-1 435d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6krk 2134d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64746 New VPN subnet 536d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kkr 2865d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f6kkr - Local servers subnet 2016d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f6kkr - f6kkr AP subnet 2827d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6iqf - F6IQF home subnet 2827d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64753 f1zif,f1zqb,f1zsz,f5kmy - Franche-Comté 999d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825001 f5kmy - F5KMY Service Area 999d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825002 f1zif - F1ZIF Service Area 999d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825002 f1zif - F1ZIF Service Area Ethernet 844d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825002 f1zif - F1ZIF Service Area Wifi 844d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825003 f1zsz - F1ZSZ Service Area 999d f4avi      Service-Network - AS4220825004 f1zqb - F1ZQB Service Area 999d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220825001 f5kmy - Franche-Comté 25 User Area 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS64753 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220825001 f1zif,f5kmy - Site F5KMY - Pontarlier - Franche-Comté 25 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220825001 f1zsz,f5kmy - Site F5KMY - Pontarlier - Franche-Comté 25 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220825003 f1zqb,f1zsz - Site F1ZSZ - Morteau - Franche-Comté 25 999d f4avi   Site-Network AS65512 AS64745 f5ktr - 2362MHz,BW=5MHz - f5ktr GRAC Radio club in Paris 3171d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5ktr - Local servers subnet 3561d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 Local WiFi subnet 3561d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64745 f5ktr - f5ktr AP subnet 3561d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 F1ZPL 2694d f6cnb   Site-Network AS65522 AS64745 F6KAW RC Ivry 94 France 3173d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zcy - F1ZCY Auneuil 60 2857d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5hcc - F5HCC et F5ZFY 2450d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5vmh - Theo F5VMH , 28 Dreux France 805d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kia,f5kia-1,f5zap,f5zvb - F5KIA Montargis 45 - 2909d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64745 f5kia,f5kia-1,f5zap,f5zvb - F5KIA local backbone network 2909d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kia - F5KIA local network 2909d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f5kmb - Radio club F5KMB 2999d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zht - F1ZHT site 2840d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4fsd-1 - f4fsd-1 subnet 2854d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4fsd - f4fsd site 2855d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1pry,f1zcy,f5hcc - User subnet via AP 2462d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4fhm - F4FHM Franck 2536d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1ptl - F1PTL Bruno, Rueil Malmaison 92 2535d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zka 2429d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1zke - Creil 2337d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6bvp-5 - Bernard F6BVP-1 subnet 1075d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1sxo - F1SXO 2213d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4eks - F4EKS local Network 2052d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 n5fxh - N5FXH Hamnet subnet 2029d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4gpj 413d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6hmp - f6hmp Paris 1904d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4iqe - Yannick f4iqe network 1365d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 F6KBF Network 1865d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4huo - F4HUO 922d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4irf - F4IRF 1363d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4iqn - F4IQN Maxime 1326d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4iey - Jules F4IEY, 93 Noisy-le-grand 1308d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f6kgl - Radio Club de Neuilly-sur-Marne 1302d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1egq - F1EGQ Thierry 1280d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f4kkx - f4kkx radio club network 954d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kgl - F6KGL 952d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64745 f1gma - F1GMA subnet 758d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64745 VPN access No Internet BGP announcement 997d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gev,f6cnb - VPN F4GEV-F6CNB 996d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6ini - VPN F6INI-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4dwb,f6cnb - VPN F4DWB-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1shs,f6cnb - VPN F1SHS-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4kkx,f6cnb - VPN F4KKX-F6CNB 973d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1sca,f6cnb - VPN F1SCA-F6CNB 990d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gen,f6cnb - VPN F4GEN-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4irf,f6cnb - VPN F4IRF-F6CNB 971d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4ioa,f6cnb - VPN F4IOA F6CNB 969d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5ugq,f6cnb - VPN F5UGQ-F6CNB 964d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4klo,f6cnb - VPN F4KLO-CSI F6CNB 958d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4fwh,f6cnb - VPN TO La Havre 952d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4dur,f6cnb - VPN-F4DUR-F6CNB 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4egg,f6cnb - VPN F4EGG-F6CNB 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1ibr,f6cnb - VPN-F1IBR-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4bqn,f6cnb - VPN-F4BQN-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1acq - VPN F1ACQ-F6CNB 912d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kli - VPN-F6KLI-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6aph,f6cnb - VPN F6APH-F6CNB 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6grj - VPN TO Caen 779d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zke,f6cnb - VPN-F1ZKE-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4huo,f6cnb - vPN f4HUO-F6CNB 779d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4alm,f6cnb - VPN F4ALM-F6CNb 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6koh - VPN F6KOH-F6CNb 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5nlg,f6cnb - VPN F5NLG-F6CNB 990d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5nlg,f6cnb - VPN F5NLG RRF - F6CNB 990d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5cau,f6cnb - VPN F6CNB-F5CAU 918d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f8bmb - VPN F8BMB-F6CNB 992d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5rvx,f6cnb - VPN F5RVX-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f8kgk - VPN F8KGK-F6CNB 845d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5zin,f6cnb - VPN-F5ZIN-F6CNB 990d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4jbs,f6cnb - VPN F4JBS-F6CNB 816d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4fsd-1,f6cnb - VPN F4FSD-1-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4bvc,f6cnb - VPN-F4BVC-F6CNB 845d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4bwt,f6cnb - VPN-F4BWT-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kck,f6cnb - VPN -F5KCK-F6CNB 811d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iey-1,f6cnb - VPN F4IEY-1 - F6CNB 808d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5vmh,f6cnb - VPN F5VMH - F6CNB 805d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6bvp,f6cnb - VPN F6BVP-F6CNB 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4grl,f6cnb - vPN F4GRL-F6CNB 776d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4mzi,f6cnb - VPN F4MZI-F6CNB 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4jbs-2,f6cnb - VPN-F4JBS-2-F6CNB 760d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1gma,f6cnb - VPN -F1GMA-F6CNB 758d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4eks,f6cnb - VPN-F4EKS-F6CNB 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4klo,f6cnb - VPN F4KLO1-F6CNB 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,n5fxh - vpn f6cnb-N5fxh 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1ebk,f6cnb - VPN F1EBK-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kmb,f6cnb - VPN F5KMB-F6CNB 995d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gzr,f6cnb - VPN-F4GZR-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f1zpr,f6cnb - VPN-F1ZPR-F6CNB 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 VPN F5ORE-F6CNb 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 ct2gpi,f6cnb - VPN CT2GPI-F6CNB 990d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4glj,f6cnb - VPN F4GLJ-F6CNB 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4edr,f6cnb - VPN F4EDR-F6CNB 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6gwe - VPN F6GWE F6CNB 991d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iqn,f6cnb - pptp link f4iqn-f6cnb 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iey,f6cnb - VPN F4IEY-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zqi,f6cnb 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kgl - VPN-F6KGL-F6CNB 993d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1egq,f6cnb - VPN F1EGQ-F6CNB 990d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4fpr,f6cnb - VPN F4FPR-F6CNB 937d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4iqn-2,f6cnb - VPN F6CNB-SM/F4IQN 615d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f8efj - VPN F8EFJ-F6CNB 676d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f0gby,f6cnb - VPN F0GBY F6CNB 667d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f4itn-2,f6cnb - VPN F6CNB - F8KLY 615d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - pptp user vpn subnet 994d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - l2tp vpn subnet 996d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64767 2370d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800009 f5ore - f6cnb - f5ore, Nantes 1827d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800014 f5rvx 1191d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS4220800014 f5rvx 1191d f6cnb   Site-Network AS4220800019 - f4ise 1196d f6cnb      Service-Network - - f4ise 1193d f6cnb      User-Network - - f5zwb - F4FWH Caen 927d f1tzv AS-User/Services - AS4220800022 629d f4hof AS-Backbone - - Liaisons /31 (tunnels) 415d f4hof   Backbone-Network - - f4itn-2,f8kly - Liaison VPN secours F8KLY-DC69 415d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS4220800022 f1zes,f8kly - Lien Radioclub - Croix-Rousse 446d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS4220800022 f1zfh,f8kly - Lien F8KLY - F1ZFH 447d f4hof      User-Network - - Accès VPN 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - - Hebergement DC69 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS4220800022 f4itn-2,f8kly - F8KLY - DC69 447d f4hof AS-User/Services - AS4220800023 Haute Loire 447d f4hof   Site-Network - AS4220800023 f1zkv - Services Fix-St-Geneys 629d f4hof   Site-Network - AS4220800023 Services Mont d'Alambre 629d f4hof   Site-Network - AS4220800023 Services Sommet Durande 629d f4hof AS-Backbone - AS4220800023 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS4220800023 f1zck,f1zkv - Link f1zkv - f1zck 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS4220800023 f1zkv,f1ztl - Link f1ztl - f1zkv 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS4220800023 f1zkv,f1zvt - Link f1zkv - f1zvt 424d f4hof   Site-Network AS4220800021 - olsr mesh network 927d f1tzv   Site-Network AS4220800021 AS64747 f1ebk,f5cau - f5SFU olsr mesh network 925d f6cnb   Site-Network AS4220800021 - f1ebk - F1EBK 925d f6cnb   Site-Network AS4220800021 - f5cau - F5CAU 918d f6cnb   Backbone-Network AS4220800021 - f1ebk,f5cau - link F1EBK-F5CAU 925d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64748 Le Havre 3302d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64748 Le havre 76 926d f4fwh   Backbone-Network - AS64748 f1acq 938d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64748 f1cnb - F1CNB 938d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64748 f1zhl 943d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64748 f1zhm 943d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64748 f1cnb,f1zhl - Lien F1ZHL - F1CNB 938d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64748 f1acq,f1zhl - Lien F1ACQ - F1ZHL 943d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64748 f1zhl,f1zhm - LIen F1ZHL - F1ZHM 943d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64748 f4fwh - Test backbone 943d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64749 Réseaux utilisateurs et points hauts 2194d f4hof   Site-Network - AS64749 f1zck - Réseau local du relais F1ZCK 723d f4hof   Site-Network - AS64749 f1zya - Services F1ZYA/F5ZBR 447d f4hof   Site-Network - AS64749 f4ass - QRA F4ASS 446d f4hof AS-Backbone - AS64749 Tunnels VPN /31 446d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64749 f1zya - Tunnel Hamnet42 F4ASS 446d f4hof   Backbone-Network - - f1zya - Tunnel Hamnet42 F4EED 446d f4hof   Backbone-Network - - f1zad,f1zck - Link F1ZCK - F1ZAD 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - - f1zya,f4hof - FH - F4HOF+F5LTP 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - - f1zck,f1zya - Link F1ZCK - F1ZYA/F5ZBR 447d f4hof   Site-Network - AS64751 f4dwb,f4gen - Nancy area, F4GEN 3533d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64751 3533d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64751 f1zet,f4dwb - Link F1ZET-F4DWB 3084d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64747 f1grh - F1GRH Home 3508d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64757 3165d f6cnb   Site-Network AS64757 AS64757 f4gkn - Local ethernet network 3000d f4gkn      User-Network - AS64757 f4gkn - AP user network 2686d f4gkn      User-Network - AS64757 f4gkn - Local user WiFi network 2702d f4gkn AS-User/Services - AS64754 2429d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64754 f1zjt - f1zjt repeater 2429d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64754 f8fkd - Nicolas f8fkd 2417d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64754 f1nni - Remi f1nni network 2429d f6cnb AS-User/Services - - F5OEO 86 near Poitiers 2429d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64777 2057d f1tzv AS-User/Services - AS64752 Ile de la reunion, France 3302d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64752 fr5fc 3411d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64752 fr5fc - Local ethernet network 3411d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 fr5fc - Local WiFi access 3411d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 fr5fc 3411d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64752 fr4np - fr4np 1183d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64752 fr4np - Local ethernet network 3364d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 fr4np - Local WiFi access 3364d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 fr4np 3364d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64752 fr4km - Wifi + AP - FR4KM 952d fr5fc      Service-Network - AS64752 fr4km - Local ethernet network 3167d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 Local WiFi access 3167d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 PA 2.3GHz 3167d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64752 fr4tt - FR4OA 3167d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS64752 fr4tt - Local ethernet network 3166d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 fr4tt - Local WiFi access 3166d f6cnb      User-Network - AS64752 fr4tt - PA 2.3GHz 3166d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64757 Site du repeteur F1ZVB pres d'Orange, Vaucluse 3165d f6cnb      Service-Network - - f1zvb - Local ethernet network 2686d f4gkn      User-Network - - f1zvb - AP user network 2686d f4gkn AS-User/Services - AS64758 Radio Club d'Equeurdreville, 50 Manche 3087d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64758 f6kfw - Reseau local radio club f6kfw 3087d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64758 futur sous reseau Cherbourg, Manche 3087d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64761 2887d f4hof      User-Network - AS64761 f4hof - Subnet QRA 2889d f4hof   Site-Network - AS64761 f4hof-100 - Subnet multi-datacenter, proxy ARP. 2894d f4hof AS-Backbone - AS64761 2887d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64761 f4hgi,f4hof-100 - ipip tunnel f4hof f4hgi 2887d f4hof AS-User/Services - AS64761 Roadwarrior VPN 440d f4hof   Site-Network - AS64751 f4bit - F4BIT Site 2821d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64769 f4alm,f5zmg 1921d f4alm AS-User/Services AS64757 AS64757 Site du R.C F5KPO / ARV84 2686d f4gkn   Site-Network AS64757 AS64757 f5kpo - Local ethernet network 2686d f4gkn      User-Network AS64757 AS64757 f5kpo - AP user network 419d f4gkn      User-Network AS64757 AS64757 f5kpo - Local user WiFi network 2686d f4gkn AS-User/Services - AS4220800005 1904d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800005 f4gzr 1904d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800005 f1zqi 1306d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800005 f1zjz 1904d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800005 f1zpr 1887d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64763 2636d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64763 f4hfg - F4HFG subnet 2635d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64763 2588d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64763 2636d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64763 f4hfg,f5gip - Piscine HAMNET network 2587d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64763 Backbone -F4HFG to F4HFG-1 Menotey 2636d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64765 f6foh 2073d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64769 2322d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64749 2415d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64749 f4dur - Christophe local network 2392d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64749 f1zys 2392d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64749 f1ibr 2391d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64749 f6aph 2367d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64764 f4egg - F4EGG subnet 2414d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64766 f4bqn 2389d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64766 f4bqn-1 2388d f4bqn   Site-Network - AS64766 f1igy 2389d f6cnb   Site-Network AS64766 AS64766 f5gkw - f4bqn 2153d f4bqn   Site-Network - AS4220800006 f6gwe - F6GWE 1343d f6cnb      User-Network - AS4220800006 f6gwe 1335d f6cnb      User-Network - AS4220800006 1335d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64766 2375d f4bqn   Site-Network - - f1igy,f1ziz,f4bqn 2375d f4bqn   Site-Network - AS64748 f6koh 2310d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64770 f8bmb 2312d f6cnb      User-Network - - f8bmb - F8BMB QTH 2312d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64749 2279d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64749 f4ebq - F4EBQ local network 2279d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64775 2095d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS64742 f1ngp,f1znr,f6kat 2346d f1ngp      User-Network - AS64776 f4eir 2086d f4hof   Site-Network - AS4220800001 f4mzi 2080d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800002 f4grl - f4grl 2075d f6cnb      Service-Network - AS4220800003 f1izl 2075d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64743 Alsace 67 User Area 1184d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867001 f1zkt - F1ZKT User Area 967d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867001 f1zkt - F1ZKT User Wifi Area 967d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867002 f1zdd - F1ZDD User Area 1181d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867003 f5zav - F5ZAV User Area 1181d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867004 f5zsm - F5ZSM User Area 1181d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867005 f4avi - F4AVI User Area 936d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867005 F4AVI User Wifi Area 936d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867006 f6grh - F6GRH User Area 1181d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867007 f4avip - F4AVI/P User Area 1159d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867007 f4avip - F4AVI/P User Wifi Area 1154d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220867008 f4egx - F4EGX User Area 632d f4avi AS-User/Services - AS64743 Alsace 68 User Area 1184d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220868001 f5jya - F5JYA User Area 1181d f4avi      Service-Network - AS64768 Corsica, 1824d f6cnb AS-User/Services - AS64743 Branche Réunion User Area 1184d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899001 fr5gs - FR5GS User Area 1184d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899002 fr5cu - FR5CU User Area 1184d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899003 fr4li - FR4LI User Area 1184d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899004 fr1di - FR1DI User Area 1149d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899005 fr4fe - FR4FE User Area 999d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899006 fr9xxy - FR9XXY User Area 999d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899007 fr9xxz - FR9XXZ User Area 858d f4avi      User-Network - AS4220899007 fr9xxz - FR9XXZ User WiFi Area 858d f4avi AS-User/Services - AS64743 Branche Réunion Site Area 1184d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899001 fr5gs - FR5GS Site Area 1184d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899002 fr5cu - FR5CU Site Area 1184d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899003 fr4li - FR4LI Site Area 1184d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899004 fr1di - FR1DI Site Area 1149d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899005 fr4fe - FR4FE Site Area 999d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899006 fr9xxy - FR9XXY Site Area 999d f4avi   Site-Network - AS4220899007 fr9xxz - FR9XXZ Site Area 999d f4avi AS-Backbone - AS64743 BackBone Alsace 1240d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220868001 f5jya - Site F5JYA - Dannemarie - Alsace 68 1020d f4avi AS-Backbone - AS64743 BackBone Alsace 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899006 fr4li,fr9xxy - Site FR9XXY - Le Tampon Notre Dame de la Paix - Réunion 974 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899007 fr9xxx,fr9xxz - Site FR9XXZ - Saint Denis - Réunion 974 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899001 Site FR5GS - Saint Benoit -Réunion 974 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899002 Site FR5CU - Trois Bassins - Réunion 974 1184d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899005 fr4fe,fr4li - Site FR4FE - Trois mares - Réunion 974 999d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899003 fr1di,fr4li - Site FR4LI - Saint-Pierre - Réunion 974 1149d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220899004 fr1di,fr4fe - Site FR1DI - Bois d'olives - Réunion 974 1149d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867006 f4avi,f6grh - Site F6GRH - Barr - Alsace 67 1016d f4avi AS-Backbone - AS64743 BackBone Alsace 1240d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867003 f5zav,f5zsm - Site F5ZAV - Bischenberg - Alsace 67 771d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867001 f1zkt,f5zav - Site F5ZAV - Bischenberg - Alsace 67 1177d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867003 f4avi,f5zav - Site F5ZAV - Bischenberg - Alsace 67 1007d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867003 f1zdd,f5zav - Site F5ZAV - Bischenberg - Alsace 67 771d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867005 Site F4AVI - Epfig - Alsace 67 1413d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867007 f1zkt,f4avip - Site F4AVI/P - Achenheim - Alsace 67 1000d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867006 f5zav,f6grh - Site F6GRH - Barr - Alsace 67 1000d f4avi AS-Backbone - - 3001d f4gkn   Backbone-Network - - F4MZI 2080d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64776 f4eir,f4hof-100,f4huo 2086d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64775 f4hof-100,f5odp-1 2095d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f4hof-100 - Interco AS 64775 - AS64761 446d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64769 Burgundy 2322d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64748 f6koh 2310d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64747 1892d f1tzv   Backbone-Network - AS64764 Local Backbone 2414d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64742 f1znr 2346d f1ngp   Backbone-Network - AS64742 f1znr,f5zdh 2346d f1ngp   Backbone-Network - AS64765 2073d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64763 Backbone Menotey-Dijon 2636d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f1zvb,f5kpo - BB _ F5KPO 1947d f4gkn   Backbone-Network - AS64751 f4bit - F4BIT backbone 2821d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64761 2894d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64761 f4hof-100 - Tunnel F4HOF -> Hamnet42 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64761 f4hof-100 - Tunnel DC - QRA 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64761 f4hof-100 - Tunnel F4HOF -> Hamnet69 447d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64758 3088d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64757 f1zvb,f4gkn - BB _ F1ZVB 1960d f4gkn      Service-Network - - f5oeo 2338d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS4220800002 2075d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS4220800003 2075d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64752 3356d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,fr4np - F6CNB-FR4NP Tunnel 2372d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,fr5fc - F6CNB-FR5FC tunnel 2372d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64752 3364d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS4220800006 BB F6GWE 1343d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS64757 BB _ F4GKN 1947d f4gkn   Backbone-Network - AS64757 f4gkn,f5kpo 1950d f4gkn   Backbone-Network - AS4220800005 Backbone f4gzr 1914d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 3544d f6cnb   Site-Network - AS4220800011 f4fqn - f4fqn subnet 1647d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - backbone f5rvx 1191d f6cnb   Backbone-Network AS4220800019 - 1196d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64777 f4hof-100,f5odp - BACKBONE F5ODP 69 1666d f1tzv   Backbone-Network - - f4hof-100 - Interco AS64761 - AS64777 446d f4hof   Backbone-Network - AS64751 f4dwb,f4gen - gre tunnel f4gen-f4dwb 3090d f6cnb   Backbone-Network AS4020800020 AS64748 f1zhm,f5zwb - F1ZHM, F5ZWB - Lien Le Havre Caen 917d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64747 Tunnel F5SFU-F6CNB 3337d f5sfu   Backbone-Network - AS64747 f5sfu,f5zig,f6cnb - Experimental, at least shows backbone on map. Actual backbone uses local addre.. 2588d f5sfu   Backbone-Network - - f5sfu,f5zig 2588d f5sfu   Backbone-Network - - f5zmm,f5zpu - Experimental, at least shows backbone on map. Actual backbone uses local addre.. 2588d f5sfu   Backbone-Network - AS64747 f4hbg,f5zmm - Experimental, at least shows backbone on map. Actual backbone uses local addre.. 2588d f5sfu AS-Backbone - AS64743 BackBone Alsace 1240d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867001 f1zdd,f1zkt - Site F1ZKT - Entzheim - Alsace 67 1177d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867001 f1zkt - Site F1ZKT - Entzheim - Alsace 67 1378d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867002 Site F1ZDD - Mutzig - Alsace 67 1893d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867004 f4avi,f5zsm - Site F5ZSM - Strasbourg - Alsace 67 1413d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS4220867004 f4egx,f5zsm - Site F5ZSM - Strasbourg - Alsace 67 632d f4avi   Backbone-Network - AS64742 2456d f1ngp
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited bb-service.f1zkt Service f1zkt RB450 - eth4 1007d f4avi dmr.f1zkt Service f1zkt DMR Repeater F1ZKT 1784d f4avi bb-service.f1zdd Service f1zdd RB450 - eth4 1867d f4avi dmr.f1zdd Service f1zdd DMR Repeater F1ZDD 1867d f4avi hotspot-f4avi.f1zdd Service f1zdd 1188d f4avi thinkpad-f4avi.f1zdd Service f1zdd 1188d f4avi bb-service.f4egx Service f4egx RB951 - eth4 632d f4avi bb-compack.f4avi Service f4avi RB2011 - eth8 716d f4avi compack.f4avi Service f4avi Compack Server Power Supply 716d f4avi bb-service.f5zav Service f5zav RB450 - eth4 1007d f4avi hyteragw.f5zav Service f5zav RaspberryPi 3B+ for F5ZAV Repeater 1379d f4avi dmr.f5zav Service f5zav DMR Repeater F5ZAV 926d dg8ngn vpn-client-ipsc2fr.f1zkt Service f1zkt RB450 - L2TP Client VPN IPSC2FR 1329d f4avi vpn-ipsc2fr.f1zkt Service f1zkt VPN serveur IPSC2 FRANCE 3 1331d f4avi vpn-client-xlx208.f1zkt Service f1zkt RB450 - L2TP Client VPN XLX208 1180d f4avi vpn-xlx208.f1zkt Service f1zkt VPN serveur XLX208 1180d f4avi bb-service.f4avi Service f4avi RB2011 - eth4 716d f4avi webcam.f4avi Service f4avi Webcam : rtsp:// 966d f4avi meteo.f4avi Service f4avi Temperature, Pressure and Humidity sensor driven by a Raspi 1 B+ 947d f4avi bb-service.f5zsm Service f5zsm RB450 - eth4 1152d f4avi bb-service.f5jya Service f5jya RB450 - eth4 1152d f4avi vpn-server-f1zkt.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN 1004d f4avi vpn-client-hamnet-org.f1zkt Routing-Tunnel f1zkt RB450 - L2TP Client VPN 1004d f4avi vpn-server-f5jya.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN F5JYA 1004d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.f5jya Routing-Tunnel f5jya RB450 - L2TP Client F5JYA 1004d f4avi vpn-server-f5kmy.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN F5KMY 1004d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.f5kmy Routing-Tunnel f5kmy RB951 - L2TP Client VPN F5KMY 1004d f4avi vpn-server-fr5gs.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN FR5GS 1004d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.fr5gs Routing-Tunnel fr5gs RB450 - L2TP Client VPN FR5GS 1004d f4avi vpn-server-fr4li.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN FR4LI 1004d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.fr4li Routing-Tunnel fr4li RB450 - L2TP Client VPN FR4LI 1004d f4avi vpn-server-fr5cu.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN FR5CU 1004d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.fr5cu Routing-Tunnel fr5cu RB450 - L2TP Client VPN FR5CU 1004d f4avi vpn-server-f6grh.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN F6GRH 1004d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.f6grh Routing-Tunnel f6grh RB951 - L2TP Client VPN F6GRH 1004d f4avi vpn-server-fr9xxz.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN FR9XXZ 990d f4avi vpn-client-f67als.fr9xxz Routing-Tunnel fr9xxz RB450 - L2TP Client VPN FR9XXZ 990d f4avi vpn-server-f1zkt2.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN 1004d f4avi vpn-client-hamnet-net.f1zkt Routing-Tunnel f1zkt RB450 - L2TP Client VPN 1004d f4avi vpn-server-f1zkt3.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN 946d f4avi vpn-client-freedmr-net.f1zkt Routing-Tunnel f1zkt RB450 - L2TP Client VPN 946d f4avi vpn-server-thinkpad.f67als Routing-Tunnel f67als Serveur VPN ThinkPad 982d f4avi vpn-client-thinkpad.f4avi Routing-Tunnel f4avi Client VPN ThinkPad 982d f4avi vpn-server-fr5gs.fr4li Routing-Tunnel fr4li RB450 - L2TP - Serveur VPN FR5GS 1004d f4avi vpn-client-fr4li.fr5gs Routing-Tunnel fr5gs RB450 - L2TP - Client VPN FR5GS 1004d f4avi vpn-server-fr5cu.fr4li Routing-Tunnel fr4li RB450 - L2TP - Serveur VPN FR5CU 1004d f4avi vpn-client-fr4li.fr5cu Routing-Tunnel fr5cu RB450 - L2TP - Client VPN FR5CU 1004d f4avi vpn-server-fr5gs.fr5cu Routing-Tunnel fr5cu RB450 - L2TP - Serveur VPN FR5GS 1004d f4avi vpn-client-fr5cu.fr5gs Routing-Tunnel fr5gs RB450 - L2TP - Client VPN FR5GS 1004d f4avi router-bb-f6kbs.f1sca Routing-Ethernet f1sca router port 4 to F6KBS 733d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f1sca Service f1sca Station (AirMax),5780MHz/5MHz - Nanobeam-M5-400 to F6KBS 733d f6cnb bb1-f8khq.f5ktr Service f5ktr Station 5695MHz BW10MHz NanoStationM5 1131d f6cnb router-bb1-f8khq.f5ktr Routing-Radio f5ktr Router port to F8KHQ 1131d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f1dwo Service f1dwo Station,5785/5MHz - Mikrotik Dish + RB912 to F6KKR 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f1dwo Routing-Radio f1dwo Router port to Rambouillet F6KKR 434d f6cnb bb-f1dwo.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge,5785/5MHz - Mikrotik Dish + RB912 to F6KKR - Backbone to 28 (F1DWO a.. 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f1dwo.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Router port to f1dwo Epernon 28 434d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6ezi Routing-Radio f6ezi Station - Mikrotik dish + RB912 to F6KKR Rambouillet (test -79dBm) 3037d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6ezi Service f6ezi Router port to Rambouillet 3037d f6cnb bb-f6ezi.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge - Backbone to F6EZI Neron 28 1067d f6cnb router-bb-f6ezi.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr router port to F6EZI Neron 28 1067d f6cnb bb-f5hcc.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax),2362MHz/5MHz - Link 2.3GHz f5HCC F1ZCY 2615d f6cnb router-bb-f5hcc.f1zcy Service f1zcy Router port 4 to dish 2615d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f5hcc Service f5hcc router port to f1zcy 2615d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f5hcc Routing-Radio f5hcc Station (AirMax),2362/5MHz - dish to f1zcy 2615d f6cnb router-bb-f1faq.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb router port to F1FAQ backbone 1053d f6cnb bb-f1faq.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5740/5MHz - PowerBeamM5-400 689d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f1faq Service f1faq Station (AirMax),5740/5MHz - PowerBeamM5-400 689d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f1faq Routing-Radio f1faq router port to F6CNB backbone 1053d f6cnb bb.f4glj Service f4glj Ubiquiti radio 1637d f6cnb router-bb.f4glj Service f4glj router port to ubiquiti radio 1637d f6cnb dcs033.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb DSTAR DCS033 reflector VPS 3122d f6cnb vpntodcs033.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp connection from gateway to DSTAR 3122d f6cnb router-bb-f1zht.f1zcy Service f1zcy Link 5GHz vers F1ZHT 2615d f6cnb bb-f1zht.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge,5785/8MHz - Ubiquiti NanoBridgeM5 vers F1ZHT 2406d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zht Routing-Radio f1zht Station,5785/85MHz - Ubiquiti PowerBeamM5-400 2406d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zht Service f1zht Router port to F1ZCY via 5GHz link 2840d f6cnb bb-f5znx.f1dwo Routing-Radio f1dwo AP bridge to f5znx 3059d f6cnb router-bb-f5znx.f1dwo Service f1dwo Router port to Chartres 3059d f6cnb bb-f1dwo.f5znx Routing-Radio f5znx Nanobeam to Epernon 2909d f6cnb router-bb-f1dwo.f5znx Service f5znx router port to Epernon 2909d f6cnb bb-f4kkx.f6kbs Service f6kbs AP Bridge (AirMax),5665MHz/5MHz - 5GHz dish to f4kkx SSID HAMNET-F6KBS-F4KKX 871d f6cnb router-bb-f4kkx.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs router port to f4kkx 871d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f4kkx Routing-Radio f4kkx router port to f6kbs 871d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f4kkx Service f4kkx Station (AirMax) - link f6kbs-f4kkx 871d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f6kbs Service f6kbs Station,5705MHz BW 8MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs F6KBS router port to F6CNB 871d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5705MHz BW8MHz - PowerBeamM5-640 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb router port to Saclay 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs f6kbs router port to f6kbs-f6kkr backbone 1131d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6kbs Service f6kbs Station,5725/5MHz - New parabole 65cm with rocketM5 on top of the mast 691d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge,5725MHz BW5MHz - rocketdish 30dBLW + Rocket M5 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Router port to f6kkr-f6kbs backbone 1131d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1lqd Service f1lqd Station,5755MHz-8MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 to F8KHQ 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1lqd Routing-Radio f1lqd Router port to F8KHQ 1131d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Radio f6hmp Station (AirMax) - PowerBeamM5-400 on 5675MHz BW=10MHz 2823d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Ethernet f6hmp Port BB to F8KHQ 2823d f6cnb bb-f1zoi.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq Station (AirMax),5715/8MHz - Lien 5GHz entre F1ZOI et F1ZPQ 2964d f6cnb router-bb-f1zoi.f1zpq Service f1zpq Port Routeur vers F1ZOI 2533d f6cnb bb-f5zeq.f1zpq Service f1zpq AP Bridge (AirMax),5785MHz/10MHz - NanoStationM5 toward F5ZEQ 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f5zeq.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq router port to F5ZEQ 1131d f6cnb bb-f1zpq.f5zeq Service f5zeq Station (AirMax),5785MHz/10MHz 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f1zpq.f5zeq Routing-Radio f5zeq 1131d f6cnb bb-f6mpn.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge (AirMax),5730/5MHz - Powerbeam-M5-400 1051d f6cnb router-bb-f6mpn.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb router port to F6MPN 1051d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f6mpn Service f6mpn Station (AirMax),5730/5MHz 1051d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f6mpn Routing-Radio f6mpn router port to f6cnb 1051d f6cnb bb-f6iqf.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge (AirMax),5.xxxGHZ - NanoBeam-M5-19dB to F6IQF 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f6iqf.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Router port to F6IQF 436d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6iqf Service f6iqf Station,5GHz - NanoBeam M5-19dB to F6KKR 1117d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6iqf Routing-Radio f6iqf router port to f6kkr 1117d f6cnb gre-f1shs.f6cnb Service f6cnb gre test 976d f6cnb gre-f6cnb.f1shs Service f1shs gre 976d f6cnb gre-f5kff.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 974d f6cnb gre-f6cnb.f5kff Routing-Ethernet f5kff gre f6cnb-f5kff 974d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f6kfw Routing-Tunnel f6kfw Gre tunnel to f6cnb 3087d f6cnb gretun-f6kfw.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel f6kfw, Cherbourg 3087d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 Tunnel IPIP F6CNB-F4HOF 2893d f6cnb gretun-f4hof.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel vers F4HOF 3113d f6cnb vpntocbridge.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb To DMR Cbridge VPS 3124d f6cnb gre-f4glj.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel vers f4glj 3165d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f5oeo Routing-Tunnel f5oeo gre tunnel to f6cnb,91 3170d f6cnb gretun-f5oeo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel to f5oeo, 86 3170d f6cnb gre-f8khq.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Link f8khq- F6CNB gateway 2641d f6cnb ipip-bm2082.f6cnb Service f6cnb 2246d f6cnb ipip-f6cnb.f4bwg Service f6cnb 2246d f6cnb tungre-f6cnb.f4gkr Routing-Tunnel f4gkr End of tunnel to f6cnb and f4gkr server 3173d f6cnb tungre-f4gkr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb End of tunnel to f4gkr 3173d f6cnb router-bb-f6krk.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs router port backbone F6KBS to F1SCA and F6KRK 734d f6cnb bb-f6krk.f6kbs Service f6kbs AP Bridge,5780MHz/8MHz - NanoBeam-M5-400 to F6KRK and F1SCA 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6krk Routing-Radio f6krk router port to F6KBS 734d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6krk Service f6krk Station,5780MHz/8MHz - NanoBeam M5-400 to F6KBS 691d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax),5725/5MHz - Rocketdish 30dB + Rocket M5 Titanium 2446d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1zcy Service f1zcy router port to F1ZCY-F8KHQ backbone 2446d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zka Service f1zka router port to f1zcy 2429d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zka Routing-Radio f1zka Station - dish to f1zcy 2429d f6cnb bb-f1zka.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge,5825MHz/5MHz - dish to f1zka 2406d f6cnb router-bb-f1zka.f1zcy Service f1zcy router port to f1zka 2429d f6cnb router-bb-f5kck.f5zeq Routing-Radio f5zeq router port on F5ZEQ to F5KCK 734d f6cnb bb-f5kck.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge,5725/8MHz HAMNET-F5ZEQ-F5KCK - Powerbeam 620mm to f5kck 693d f6cnb bb-f5zeq.f5kck Service f5kck Station,5725/8MHz - BB F5ZEQ-F5KCK 693d f6cnb router-bb-f5zeq.f5kck Routing-Radio f5kck router port on f5kck To F5ZEQ 734d f6cnb router-bb-f1zke.f1zcy Service f1zcy To Creil and Malassise 1912d f6cnb bb-f1zke.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax) - PA vers Creil et Malassise 1912d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zke Routing-Radio f1zke Station (AirMax) - Vers Auneuil 5675/5MHz 1912d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zke Service f1zke Port routeur vers Auneuil 1912d f6cnb ap60g-router.f6iqf Routing-ISM f6iqf router port to 60GHz link 1118d f6cnb ap60g.f6iqf Service f6iqf AP Bridge - AP 60GHz to F6KKR 1131d f6cnb sta60g.f6kkr Service f6kkr 60GHz station 1131d f6cnb sta60g-router.f6kkr Routing-ISM f6kkr router port to 60GHz link 1118d f6cnb router-bb-f4fsd.f1zke Service f1zke Routeur port 9 vers f4fsb 1727d f6cnb bb-f4fsd.f1zke Routing-Radio f1zke radio 5GHz vers f4fsb 1727d f6cnb bb-f1zke.f4fsd Routing-Radio f4fsd Radio 5GHz vers f1zke 1727d f6cnb bb-router-f1zke.f4fsd Service f4fsd router port f4fsd to radio and f1zke 1727d f6cnb router-bb-f4fsd-1.f1zke Service f1zke routeur port 8 vers f4fsb-1 1727d f6cnb bb-f4fsd-1.f1zke Routing-Radio f1zke radio 5GHz vers f4fsd-1 1727d f6cnb bb-f1zke.f4fsd-1 Routing-Radio f4fsd-1 radio 5GHz vers f1zke 1727d f6cnb router-bb-f1zke.f4fsd-1 Service f4fsd-1 router port to f1zke via radio 5GHz 1727d f6cnb gre-n5cnb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Gre link between and n5cnb 1686d f6cnb gre-hamnetfr.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb 1686d f6cnb gre-n5cnb2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb backup gre tunnel 1686d f6cnb gre-f6cnb-fr.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb 1686d f6cnb internet.router.f4klo Routing-Radio f4klo Port routeur to Internet (4G,...) 733d f6cnb lte1.f4klo Routing-Radio f4klo-1 4G Prixtel-SFR 733d f6cnb apdish60g.f4klo Service f4klo link 60G to CSI AP 733d f6cnb sta60g-csi.f4klo Service f4klo-1 AP 60GHz to CSI and REnater 733d f6cnb ipip-router.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Internal tunnel router N5ATH - 934d f6cnb ipip-router2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb internal tunnel 934d f6cnb gate-ipip.f6cnb Routing-Ethernet f6cnb gateway IPIP 934d f6cnb router.f5kff Routing-Ethernet f5kff 875d f6cnb router.f8kgk Routing-Ethernet f8kgk Mikrotik router 845d f6cnb www.f8kgk Service f8kgk server 845d f6cnb router.f4bvc Routing-Ethernet f4bvc Mikrotik router 845d f6cnb www.f4bvc Service f4bvc server 845d f6cnb router.f5kck Routing-Ethernet f5kck Mikrotik router f5kck 811d f6cnb router.f6kfv Routing-Ethernet f6kfv 3637d f6cnb webcam.f6kfv Service f6kfv DLink webcam. Flux rtsp:// 3569d f6cnb www.f6kfv Service f6kfv Serveur web 3637d f6cnb dns.f6kfv Service f6kfv dns secondaire pour hamnet IDF 3544d f6cnb sipphone.f6kfv Service f6kfv SIP phone poste 600 3501d f6cnb pc.f6kfv Service f6kfv Club PC 3570d f6cnb wifi-router.f6kfv Routing-Ethernet f6kfv 3561d f6cnb ap-router.f6kfv Service f6kfv Port routeur mikrotik vers Point d'acces 3355d f6cnb ap.f6kfv Service f6kfv AP Bridge,2362MHz,BW=5MHz 3355d f6cnb router.f5zeq Service f5zeq 3326d f6cnb webcam.f5zeq Service f5zeq Webcam Chateau d'eau de F5ZEQ - - user HAMNET - pass.. 2531d f6cnb ap2.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge (AirMax),5840/5MHz HAMNET-F5ZEQ2 - Powerbeam M5-400 toward ex F1EBK 698d f6cnb rrf.f5zeq Service f5zeq Repeteur reseau RRF 2023d f6cnb sta.f6kbf Routing-Radio f6kbf Powerbeam M5 vers F5ZEQ 733d f6cnb f5zeq-router.f6kbf Routing-Ethernet f6kbf radio link to F5ZEQ 1860d f6cnb ap.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge,5.685MHz/10MHz SSID=HAMNET-F5KCK - 5.7GHZ Acces point Omni 733d f6cnb sta.f4huy Service f4huy Station - Station Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 2251d f4huy ads.f5zeq Service f5zeq Recepteur ADS 2021d f6cnb router.f6kbf Routing-Ethernet f6kbf main router f6kbf 411d f6cnb router.f1zoi Service f1zoi routeur du site f1zoi 3346d f6cnb dmr.f1zoi Service f1zoi Repeteur DMR F1ZOI. 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AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6KLI1 - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb sta-f6kli.f5ggy Service f5ggy Station (AirMax),5.7GHz - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb ap2.f6kli Service f6kli AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6KLI2 - Nanostation M5 2358d f6cnb sta-f6dbp.f6eqx Service f6eqx Station (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6DBP - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb sta-f6kli.f6cun Service f6cun Station (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6KLI2 - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb ap3.f6kli Service f6kli AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6KLI3 - NanoStation M5 2358d f6cnb sta-f6kli.f6dbp Service f6dbp AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz - Bullet 5 Ant=60cm 2358d f6cnb ap.f6dbp Service f6dbp AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6DBP - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb ap4.f6kli Service f6kli AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6KLI4 2358d f6cnb ap5.f6kli Service f6kli AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6KLI5 - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb sta-f6dph.f6knb Routing-Radio f6knb Station,2.3GHz - Station PBE M2 400 2.3GHz to f6dph SSID F6DPH1 1578d f6cnb ap1.f6dph Routing-Radio f6dph AP Bridge,2.3GHz - SSID=F6DPH1 Bullet + 1.4m 1578d f6cnb ap2.f6dph Routing-Radio f6dph AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6DPH2 - PBE-M5-400 1578d f6cnb sw.f6dph Service f6dph Switch tour du Fouilloux 2370d f6cnb sta-f6dph.f5fvp Service f5fvp Station (AirMax),5.7GHz - station PBM-M5-400 2369d f6cnb sta-f6dph.f4hua Service f4hua Station (AirMax),5.7GHz - PBE-M5-400 5.7GHz to F6DPH5 1578d f6cnb sta-f6dph.f1nmp Service f1nmp Station,5.7GHz - PBE-M5-400 2369d f6cnb ap3.f6dph Service f6dph AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6DPH3 - PBE-M5-400 2369d f6cnb sta-f6dph.f4gjh Service f4gjh Station (AirMax) - PBE-M5-400 2369d f6cnb ap1.f5fvp Service f5fvp AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F5FVP1 - PBE-M5-400 2369d f6cnb sta-f5fvp.f6hsm Service f6hsm Station (AirMax) - PBE-M5-400 2369d f6cnb ap4.f6dph Service f6dph AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F6DPH4 - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb sta-f6dph.f4fpx Service f4fpx Station (AirMax),5.7GHz - PBE-M5-400 2358d f6cnb ap1.f4gjh Service f4gjh AP Bridge (AirMax),5.7GHz SSID=F4GJH1 - 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eth5 988d f4avi bb-users.fr4fe Service fr4fe RB450 - eth5 988d f4avi bb-users.fr9xxy Routing-Radio fr9xxy RB450 - eth5 988d f4avi bb-users.fr9xxz Service fr9xxz RB450 - eth5 990d f4avi wifi-users.fr9xxz Service fr9xxz RB450 - Wifi 858d f4avi bb-service.fr5gs Service fr5gs RB450 - eth4 1194d f4avi bb-service.fr5cu Service fr5cu RB450 - eth4 1184d f4avi bb-service.fr4li Service fr4li RB450 - eth4 1152d f4avi bb-service.fr1di Service fr1di RB450 - eth4 988d f4avi bb-service.fr4fe Service fr4fe RB450 - eth4 988d f4avi bb-service.fr9xxy Routing-Radio fr9xxy RB450 - eth4 988d f4avi bb-service.fr9xxz Routing-Radio fr9xxz RB450 - eth4 988d f4avi bb-xxxxx.f5jya Routing-Radio f5jya RB450 - eth1 1152d f4avi lnk-xxxxx.f5jya Service f5jya AP Bridge (NStreme),5xxxMHz 1152d f4avi lnk-f5jya.f5jya Service f5jya Station WDS (NStreme),5xxxMHz 1152d f4avi bb-f5jya.f5jya Routing-Radio f5jya RB450 - eth2 1152d f4avi bb-fr4li.fr9xxy Routing-Radio fr9xxy RB450 - eth1 988d f4avi lnk-fr4li.fr9xxy Service fr9xxy Station WDS (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi lnk-fr9xxy.fr4li Service fr4li AP Bridge (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi bb-fr9xxy.fr4li Routing-Radio fr4li RB450 - eth3 988d f4avi bb-fr9xxx.fr9xxz Routing-Radio fr9xxz RB450 - eth2 988d f4avi lnk-fr9xxx.fr9xxz Service fr9xxz AP Bridge (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi lnk-fr9xxz.fr9xxx Service fr9xxx Station WDS (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi bb-fr4li.fr4fe Routing-Radio fr4fe RB450 - eth2 924d dg8ngn lnk-fr4li.fr4fe Service fr4fe Station WDS (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi lnk-fr4fe.fr4li Service fr4li AP Bridge (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi bb-fr4fe.fr4li Routing-Radio fr4li RB450 - eth2 922d dg8ngn bb-fr1di.fr4li Routing-Radio fr4li RB450 - eth2 922d dg8ngn lnk-fr1di.fr4li Service fr4li AP Bridge (NStreme),5760MHz 1011d f4avi lnk-fr4li.fr1di Service fr1di Station WDS (NStreme),5760MHz 1011d f4avi bb-fr4li.fr1di Routing-Radio fr1di RB450 - eth1 924d dg8ngn bb-fr4fe.fr1di Routing-Radio fr1di RB450 - eth2 988d f4avi lnk-fr4fe.fr1di Service fr1di AP Bridge (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi lnk-fr1di.fr4fe Service fr4fe Station WDS (NStreme),5XXXMHz 988d f4avi bb-fr1di.fr4fe Routing-Radio fr4fe RB450 - eth1 988d f4avi bb-f4avi.f6grh Routing-Radio f6grh RB951 - eth3 1007d f4avi lnk-f4avi.f6grh Service f6grh Station WDS (NStreme),5725MHz 739d f4avi lnk-f6grh.f4avi Service f4avi AP Bridge (NStreme),5725MHz 739d f4avi bb-f6grh.f4avi Routing-Radio f4avi RB2011 - eth2 716d f4avi bb-f5zsm.f5zav Routing-Radio f5zav RB450 - eth1 771d f4avi lnk-f5zsm.f5zav Service f5zav AP Bridge (AirMax),5785MHz 1008d f4avi lnk-f5zav.f5zsm Service f5zsm Station (AirMax),5785MHz 771d f4avi bb-f5zav.f5zsm Routing-Radio f5zsm RB450 - eth2 771d f4avi bb-f5zav.f1zkt Routing-Radio f1zkt RB450 - eth2 1007d f4avi lnk-f5zav.f1zkt Service f1zkt Station (AirMax),5785MHz 1008d f4avi lnk-f1zkt.f5zav Service f5zav AP Bridge (AirMax),5785MHz 1008d f4avi bb-f1zkt.f5zav Routing-Radio f5zav RB450 - eth1 1007d f4avi bb-f4avi.f5zav Routing-Radio f5zav RB450 - eth3 1007d f4avi lnk-f4avi.f5zav Service f5zav AP Bridge (NStreme),5765MHz 1007d f4avi lnk-f5zav.f4avi Service f4avi Station WDS (NStreme),5765MHz 1007d f4avi bb-f5zav.f4avi Routing-Radio f4avi RB2011 - eth1 716d f4avi bb-f1zdd.f5zav Routing-Radio f5zav RB450 - eth2 1000d f4avi lnk-f1zdd.f5zav Service f5zav AP Bridge (NStreme),5xxxMHz 1000d f4avi lnk-f5zav.f1zdd Service f1zdd Station WDS (NStreme),5xxxMHz 1000d f4avi bb-f5zav.f1zdd Routing-Radio f1zdd RB450 - eth2 1000d f4avi bb-f1zkt.f4avip Routing-Radio f4avip RB2011 - eth1 1007d f4avi lnk-f1zkt.f4avip Service f4avip Station WDS (NStreme),5685MHz 1153d f4avi lnk-f4avip.f1zkt Service f1zkt AP Bridge (NStreme),5685MHz 1153d f4avi bb-f4avip.f1zkt Routing-Radio f1zkt RB450 - eth2 1007d f4avi bb-f5zav.f6grh Routing-Radio f6grh RB951 - eth2 1000d f4avi lnk-f5zav.f6grh Service f6grh Station WDS (NStreme),5xxxMHz 1000d f4avi lnk-f6grh.f5zav Service f5zav AP Bridge (NStreme),5xxxMHz 1000d f4avi bb-f6grh.f5zav Routing-Radio f5zav RB450 - eth3 771d f4avi tun-f4hof-f4eir Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 1620d f4eir tun-f4eir-f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4eir 1620d f4eir tun-f4eir-f4huo Routing-Tunnel f4eir 1606d f4eir tun-f4huo-f4eir Routing-Tunnel f4huo 1606d f4eir tun-f5odp-16.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 446d f4hof e1-btz64.f5odp-1 Routing-Tunnel f5odp-1 446d f4hof bb.f6koh Routing-Radio f6koh Future Backbone 2319d f6cnb f1zzd.f1znr Service f1znr 2350d f1ngp f1znr.f5zdh Routing-Radio f5zdh 2350d f1ngp f5zdh.f1znr Service f1znr 2350d f1ngp router-bb-f1zvb.f5kpo Service f5kpo RB -> AirGrid 1938d f4gkn bb-f1zvb.f5kpo Routing-Radio f5kpo Station (AirMax),5735MHz/10MHz - AirGrid -> F1ZVB 1938d f4gkn bb-f5kpo.f1zvb Routing-Radio f1zvb AP Bridge (AirMax),5735MHz/10MHz - AirGrid -> F5KPO 1938d f4gkn routeur-bb-f5kpo.f1zvb Service f1zvb RB -> AirGrid 1938d f4gkn router-bb.f4bit Service f4bit Router port to Backbone 2821d f6cnb tun-f1zya.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 Tunnel Core-Hamnet42, extrémité Core 447d f4hof tun-f4hof.f1zya Routing-Tunnel f1zya Tunnel Core-Hamnet42, extrémité Hamnet42 447d f4hof tun-vtyste-194.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 Tunnel vty-ste, extrémité vty 2889d f4hof tun-vtyste-195.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof Tunnel vty-ste, extrémité ste 2889d f4hof tun-ham69-196.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 447d f4hof tun-ham69-197.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4itn-2 447d f4hof routeur-bb-f4gkn.f1zvb Service f1zvb RB -> AirGrid 1938d f4gkn bb-f4gkn.f1zvb Routing-Radio f1zvb AP Bridge (AirMax),5775MHz/10MHz - AirGrid -> F4GKN 1938d f4gkn bb-f1zvb.f4gkn Routing-Radio f4gkn Station (AirMax),5775MHz/10MHz - AirGrid -> F1ZVB 1938d f4gkn router-bb-f1zvb.f4gkn Service f4gkn RB -> AirGrid 1960d f4gkn f5oeo Service f5oeo 2338d f6cnb tun-f6cnb-fr4np Routing-Tunnel fr4np Tunnel to F6CNB 2372d f6cnb tun-fr4np.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel to FR4NP 2372d f6cnb tun-f6cnb.fr5fc Routing-Tunnel fr5fc Tunnel to F6CNB 2372d f6cnb tun-fr5fc.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel between fr5fc and f6cnb 3411d f6cnb routeur-bb-fr4tt.fr5fc Service fr5fc port routeur vers fr4tt 1027d fr5fc bb-fr4tt.fr5fc Routing-Radio fr5fc Lien Radio vers fr4tt 1027d fr5fc pptp-client-f1grh.f4gkn Routing-Tunnel f4gkn 1947d f4gkn pptp-client-f5kpo.f4gkn Routing-Tunnel f4gkn 1950d f4gkn pptp-f4gkn.f5kpo Routing-Tunnel f5kpo 1950d f4gkn gre-f1grh.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel f1grh-f6cnb 3495d f6cnb router.f4fqn Routing-Ethernet f4fqn routeur mikrotik 1647d f6cnb www.f4fqn Service f4fqn serveur web 1647d f6cnb tun-f5odp-128.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 446d f4hof e1-lyo69.f5odp Routing-Tunnel f5odp 1756d f4hof gre-f4dwb.f4gen Routing-Tunnel f4gen F4GEN-F4DWB GRE tunnel 3090d f6cnb gre-f4gen.f4dwb Routing-Tunnel f4dwb F4DWB-F4GEN GRE tunnel 3090d f6cnb router-bb-caen.f1zhm Routing-Radio f1zhm port router vers Caen 917d f6cnb bb-caen.f1zhm Service f1zhm Air Fiber AF5X AF-5G34-S45 vers Caen 917d f6cnb bb-lehavre.f5zwb Service f5zwb Air Fiber AF5X AF-5G34-S45 vers Le Havre 917d f6cnb router-bb-lehavre.f5zwb Routing-Radio f5zwb port router vers le Havre 917d f6cnb gre-f5sfu.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel f6cnb-f5sfu 3763d f6cnb gre-f6cnb.f5sfu Routing-Tunnel f5sfu GRE Tunnel f5sfu-f6cnb - Experimental HAM server with Raspberry PI 3742d f5sfu bb-f5zpu.f5zig Routing-Radio f5zig AP Bridge (AirMax) 3347d f5sfu bb-f5zig.f5zpu Routing-Radio f5zpu AP Bridge (AirMax) - Not operational, just a study of backbone 3344d f5sfu bb-f5zpu.f5zmm Routing-Radio f5zmm AP Bridge (AirMax) 2588d f5sfu bb-f6khk.f5zmm Routing-Radio f5zmm Experimental, at least shows backbone on map. Actual backbone uses local addre.. 2588d f5sfu bb-f5zmm.f4hbg Routing-Radio f4hbg AP Bridge (AirMax) - Experimental, at least shows backbone on map. Actual back.. 2588d f5sfu bb-f1zdd.f1zkt Routing-Radio f1zkt RB450 - eth2 1007d f4avi lnk-f1zdd.f1zkt Service f1zkt AP Bridge (NStreme),5685MHz 1356d f4avi lnk-f1zkt.f1zdd Service f1zdd Station WDS (NStreme),5685MHz 1356d f4avi bb-f1zkt.f1zdd Routing-Radio f1zdd RB450 - eth1 919d dg8ngn sw-lnk.f1zkt Service f1zkt Switch HP 1920-8G JG920A 1377d f4avi bb-f4avi.f5zsm Routing-Radio f5zsm RB450 - eth1 771d f4avi lnk-f4avi.f5zsm Service f5zsm AP Bridge (NStreme),5685MHz 771d f4avi lnk-f5zsm.f4avi Service f4avi Station WDS (NStreme),5685MHz 771d f4avi bb-f5zsm.f4avi Routing-Radio f4avi RB2011 - eth3 716d f4avi bb-f4egx.f5zsm Routing-Radio f5zsm RB450 - eth1 632d f4avi lnk-f4egx.f5zsm Service f5zsm AP Bridge (NStreme),5685MHz 632d f4avi lnk-f5zsm.f4egx Service f4egx Station WDS (NStreme),5685MHz 632d f4avi bb-f5zsm.f4egx Routing-Radio f4egx RB951 - eth1 632d f4avi
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
ct1drb Paio Pires David 526d f6cnb
ct2gpi Lisboa ct2gpi For local access 2159d ct1drb
f0gby David, Les Mureaux, 78 f6cnb 2653d f6cnb
f1acq Montivilliers,76 f4fwh,f6cnb Philippe 938d f6cnb
f1cnb Harfleur, 76 f4fwh,f6cnb Dominique 938d f6cnb
f1dwo Henri, Epernon 28 f6cnb Local WiFi Mikrotik router RH433 - 1 NanoBeamM5 to f6ezi - 1mikrotik dish to f6kkr 3058d f6cnb
f1ebk Patrick,la Colle 06 f6cnb,f1ebk 925d f6cnb
f1egq Thierry, 95 Santeuil f6cnb 1408d f6cnb
f1faq Christian, Palaiseau 91 f6cnb Local WiFi F1FAQ, Christian, Palaiseau, 91 3539d f6cnb
f1gma Noisy le grand , 93 f6cnb Philippe QRA 758d f6cnb
f1grh Pascal, Pepieux, Aude f6cnb,f1grh 2125d f6cnb
f1ibr CHAZELLES 42 f6cnb QTH Christian F1IBR 2391d f6cnb
f1igy F1IGY,Limoges, 87 f4bqn,f1igy F1IGY - LIMOGES 2376d f4bqn
f1izl La tour du Crieu, 09 f6cnb Jean Yves 2092d f6cnb
f1lqd Jacky, Beynes 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Beynes, 78 3606d f6cnb
f1ngp Metz f1ngp 2456d f1ngp
f1nmp Abzac,33 f6cnb Pascal 2374d f6cnb
f1nni Remi QRA f6cnb,f8fkd ,29 2428d f6cnb
f1pry Emmanuel, 60 Jouy-sous-thelle f6cnb 2598d f6cnb
f1ptl Bruno, Rueil Malmaison 92 f6cnb Local WiFi Bruno QRA 2535d f6cnb
f1sca Jean-Marc, Montigny 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Montigny, 78 2583d f6cnb
f1shs F1SHS QTH f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi WebSite 477d f1shs
f1sxo Colomiers f6cnb Frederic F1SXO QRA 2224d f6cnb
f1zad Saint-Bonnet Le Château f4hof,f4ass 723d f4hof
f1zck Croix de guizay (42) f4hof,f4eed,f4ass 2893d f6cnb
f1zcy Repeaters Auneuil 60 f6cnb 2602d f6cnb
f1zdd Mutzig f1tzv,f4avi AP_F1ZDD WEP Key : D672E61E046AD833BB311F4DAF 982d f4avi
f1zes Croix Rousse f4hof,f4gsp,f6aue 446d f4hof
f1zet f1zet repeater f4gen,f6cnb DMR repeater 3090d f6cnb
f1zfh Mont Barmont f4hof,f6aue,f4gsp 447d f4hof
f1zhl le havre f4fwh 3*Ubiquiti NanoStation 5GHz - 1 Ubiquiti Nanostation 2.4GHz - 1 Mikrotik RB750.. 943d f6cnb
f1zhm le havre f4fwh 1 Nanostation 5.7GHz - 1 AirFiber 5 950d f4fwh
f1zht Repeater F1ZHT 60 f6cnb None DMR repeater 60 Mesnil sur bulles 3061d f6cnb
f1zif Pontarlier f1tzv,f4avi 1020d f4avi
f1ziz F1ZIZ - MMDVM - FON f4bqn,f1igy 2367d f4bqn
f1zjt Repeteur f6cnb,f8fkd 29 2428d f6cnb
f1zjz Laval, 53 f6cnb DMR Repeater 1904d f6cnb
f1zka repeater site f6cnb Bus St Remy, 27 2429d f6cnb
f1zke Repeteur Creil,60 f6cnb,f4fsd 2084d f6cnb
f1zkt Entzheim f1tzv,f4avi 1919d f4avi
f1zkv Fix-St-Geneys f4hof,f4ass,f1haw Fix-St-Geneys 447d f4hof
f1znr Metz f1ngp 2459d f1ngp
f1zoi Repeteur F1ZOI 92 f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi DMR Repeater, Tout PB13 La Défense 873d f1shs
f1zpq Repeater F1ZPQ La Defense f6cnb,f1shs Répéteur P25 Grande Arche La Défense 873d f1shs
f1zpr St Michel-tuboeuf, 61 Chateau d'eau les Fichets 1887d f6cnb
f1zqb Montbéliard f1tzv,f4avi 1020d f4avi
f1zqi Pre-En-Vail, 53 f6cnb F1ZQI sysop F4GZR 1307d f6cnb
f1zsz Morteau f1tzv,f4avi 1020d f4avi
f1ztl Mont d'Alambre f4hof,f4ass,f1haw 447d f4hof
f1zvb 84 - F4GKN f6cnb,f4gkn AP : 2362MHz,Bw : .. 2669d f4gkn
f1zvt La Durande f4hof,f4ass,f1haw 424d f4hof
f1zya Sainte Agathe f4hof,f5ltp,f4ass,.. 2352/5MHz 447d f4hof
f1zys Duerne,69 f6cnb 2279d f6cnb
f4alm Chenove, 21 f6cnb Nicolas QRA 2322d f6cnb
f4ass St Appolinard, FR f4hof,f4ass 2194d f4hof
f4avi Epfig f1tzv,f4avi 1413d f4avi
f4avip Achenheim f1tzv,f4avi 1153d f4avi
f4bit Stephane QRA f6cnb Stephane home near Nancy 54 France 2824d f6cnb
f4bqn-1 F4BQN, Brive,19 f4bqn,f1igy F4BQN - BRIVE 2376d f4bqn
f4bqn F4BQN,Limoges, 87 f4bqn,f1igy F4BQN - LIMOGES 2375d f4bqn
f4bvc 76, Le Mesnil Esnard f6cnb F4BVC QRA 845d f6cnb
f4bwt Montmorency, 95 f6cnb Laurent QTH 2285d f6cnb
f4dur Grezieu le Marche, 69 f6cnb Christophe 2367d f6cnb
f4dwb f4dwb home f4gen,f6cnb 48°40.66' N 6°13.66' E 3090d f6cnb
f4ebq St Chamond, 42 Sebastien QTH 2229d f6cnb
f4edr Le Luc en Provence, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Jean-Michel QRA 1863d f6cnb
f4eed La Ricamarie (42) f4eed 2893d f6cnb
f4egg F4EGG QTH f6cnb Thierry F4EGG 2414d f6cnb
f4egx Hoenheim f1tzv,f4avi 632d f4avi
f4eir Lognes f4eir,f4hof 1620d f4eir
f4eks Rosny sous bois 93 f6cnb Jerome QRA 776d f6cnb
f4exb Edouard f4exb mesh network on 23.. 2836d f5sfu
f4fhm Franck, Aulnoye-Aymeries, 59 f6cnb Local WiFi Aulnoye-Aymeries, 59 2536d f6cnb
f4fpr St Ouen l'aumone, 95 f6cnb QTH Benjamin F4FPR/K5AW 1252d f6cnb
f4fpx St Aulaye,24 f6cnb Jean Louis 2374d f6cnb
f4fqn 66 1687d f6cnb
f4fsd-1 Laurent, Villiers-sous-St-Leu 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Villiers sous St Leu, 60 2849d f6cnb
f4fsd Laurent, Montataire 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Montataire 60 2849d f6cnb
f4fwh Le Havre f4fwh 951d f4fwh
f4gen Patrice, Nancy Main Nancy area site 3714d f6cnb
f4gev Laurent, Aubagne 13 f6cnb Aubagne 1211d f4gev
f4gjh Marsas, 33 f6cnb Christian, 2374d f6cnb
f4gkn Laurent, Orange 84 f6cnb,f4gkn 2703d f4gkn
f4gkr Sylvain, Orcemont f6cnb 3174d f6cnb
f4glj Pierre, Galgon 33 f6cnb 33133-GALGON 1638d f6cnb
f4gpj Stephane,St Lubin de la haye f6cnb 416d f6cnb
f4grl Lherm, 31 f6cnb Yves 2092d f6cnb
f4gzr La Chapelle Rainsouin, 53 f6cnb judicael festin 1919d f6cnb
f4hbg Loic 3743d f5sfu
f4hfg Fred QRA f6cnb Dole,Jura 2636d f6cnb
f4hgi QRA F4HGI f4hgi 2889d f4hof
f4hkw Laurent f5sfu 3347d f5sfu
f4hof-100 PoP VTY f4hof PoP terminaison VPNs et heb applicatifs 447d f4hof
f4hof QRA Saint-Etienne (42) f4hof QRA, FH vers F1ZCK 2194d f4hof
f4hua Coutras, 33 f6cnb Florian 2374d f6cnb
f4huo Pontault-Combaut, 77 f6cnb 922d f6cnb
f4huy Anthony, Maisons Laffitte f6cnb,f4huy 1957d f4huy
f4hxf 83330 Le Beausset f6cnb Didier 369d f6cnb
f4iey-1 Le Plessis Robinson,92 f6cnb Jules F4IEY - K4IEY 808d f6cnb
f4iey Jules, 93 Noisy-le-grand f6cnb Jules F4IEY, 93 Noisy le Grand 1308d f6cnb
f4ioa Le Plessis Trevise, 94 Laurent QTH 970d f6cnb
f4iqe Yannick, 92 f6cnb 1131d f6cnb
f4iqn-2 Sweden Maxime SM/F4IQN portable in Sweden 691d f6cnb
f4iqn Maxime,75015 Paris, f6cnb Maxime 1326d f6cnb
f4irf Noisy le grand, 93 f6cnb 971d f6cnb
f4ise Grenoble,38 f6cnb F4ise QRA 1229d f6cnb
f4itn-2 F4ITN (dc) f4hof,f6aue,f4gsp,.. 447d f4hof
f4jbs-2 Cavaillon, 84 f6cnb F4JBS second site 761d f6cnb
f4jbs Annonay 07 f6cnb Damien 816d f6cnb
f4jij Montesson, 78 f6cnb Guillaume 776d f6cnb
f4kkx 93160 Noisy-le-grand f6cnb,f1shs Radio club ESIEE Paris 872d f1shs
f4klo-1 Paris, 75019 f6cnb 60GHz antenna - Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Ville.. 733d f6cnb
f4klo Paris, 75019 f6cnb Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Villette Paris 75019 .. 994d f6cnb
f4mzi ST AMAND LES EAUX, 59 f6cnb QTH Pierre-Philippe 2086d f6cnb
f5cau GIL, La Gaude (06) f6cnb,f1ebk 925d f6cnb
f5fvp Coutras,33 f6cnb Jean Yves 2374d f6cnb
f5ggy St Germain du Puch,33 f6cnb Georges 2358d f6cnb
f5gip Philippe QRA f6cnb Audelange, Jura 2638d f6cnb
f5gkw F5GKW.St MARTIN, 87 f4bqn,f1igy F5GKW - ST MARTIN 2153d f4bqn
f5hcc Fabrice, Monneville 60 f6cnb,f5hcc Site du relai f5ZFY 2592d f6cnb
f5hnk Patrick, Dampierre 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Dampierre, 78 3577d f6cnb
f5jcc St Laurent d'Arce, 33 f6cnb Jean-Alexandre 2374d f6cnb
f5jya Dannemarie f1tzv,f4avi 1005d f4avi
f5kck RC Sartrouville 78 f6cnb RC Sartrouville, 78 2885d f6cnb
f5kff Neuilly sur Marne f6cnb Radio Club de la Haute Ile. also f6kgl 875d f6cnb
f5kia-1 RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp RC UAICF de Montargis (local box internet) - 2902d f6cnb
f5kia RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp Local WiFi RC UAICF de Montargis (local RC) - 2902d f6cnb
f5kmb RC Pierre Coulon f6cnb Local WiFi Saint Just en Chaussée 60 2999d f6cnb
f5kmy Pontarlier f1tzv,f4avi RadioClub Pontarlier 1020d f4avi
f5kpo 84 - F4GKN f4gkn 2686d f4gkn
f5ktr RC GRAC Paris 75 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio club du Groupe des Radio Amateurs Cheminots - Paris, France 3346d f6cnb
f5nlg Belle Isle en Terre 22 f6cnb,f5nlg QRA F5NLG 2316d f6cnb
f5odp-1 Biarritz,64 f6cnb,f5odp F5ODP Xavier, 2nd QTH 2095d f6cnb
f5odp 69 Lyon f6cnb,f5odp Xavier QTH 2095d f6cnb
f5oeo Evariste f5sfu 2390d f6cnb
f5ore 44, Nantes f6cnb 47.247292, -1.536554 1827d f6cnb
f5rvx Philippe f6cnb Concarneau, 29 467d f5rvx
f5sfu Alexandre f5sfu Rasp+tplink 2392MH.. 1285d f5sfu
f5sn qth 2608d f6cnb
f5ugq Saint Maur les fosses, 94 f6cnb Stephane QTH 964d f6cnb
f5vmh Theo, Dreux, 28 f6cnb,f5vmh 2362MHz-5MHz Dreux, 28 3345d f6cnb
f5zap RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp RC UAICF de Montargis (Pylone de F5ZAP repeteur UHF) - 2902d f6cnb
f5zav Bischenberg f1tzv,f4avi 1919d f4avi
f5zay Mont Agel (experimental) f5sfu,f4hkw mesh network on 23.. Rasp pi - tplink - "om" made sextuple quad - hamtube 1034d f6cnb
f5zdh Thionville f1ngp 2457d f1ngp
f5zeq Repeteur RC Sartrouville, 78 f6cnb 5685/10MHz Mesnil le roi, 78 (Chateau d'eau site du repeteur de F5KCK) 885d dg8ngn
f5zig Sainte Petronille f5sfu,f4exb,f4hkw,.. mesh network on 23.. Rasp pi - tplink - sextuple quad - hamtube 2836d f5sfu
f5zin Plounevez Moedec, 22 f6cnb Repeater 10/2/0.70m (F5NLG) 2303d f6cnb
f5zmg Mont Roland 1939d f4alm
f5zmm Doublier f5sfu,f4hkw Link to Nice and Mont Leuze, future link between "Le Var" and "Alpes Maritimes.. 2588d f5sfu
f5znx Mittainvilliers repeater f6cnb Coming soon.... Maybe..... 3058d f6cnb
f5zpu Mont Leuze f5sfu,f4exb,f4hkw,.. Relay site only 3347d f5sfu
f5zsm Strasbourg f1tzv,f4avi strasbourg relais phonie144.750 439.750 - ATV relais 2308 digital out, 1270 d.. 1918d f4avi
f5zvb RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp RC UAICF de Montargis (Pylone de F5ZVB repeteur VHF) - 2902d f6cnb
f5zwb Caen f4fwh,f6grj 926d f4fwh
f67als OVH Strasbourg f1tzv,f4avi 1005d f4avi
f6aph Bonson, 42 f6cnb QTH Francois 2367d f6cnb
f6bvp-3 Curiesat,Paris f6cnb CurieSat control station 2221d f6cnb
f6bvp-5 Saint Tropez, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Second QRA F6BVP Bernard 1066d f6cnb
f6bvp Bernard, Paris 75 f6cnb Local WiFi ch= 11 .. F6BVP servers: - HAMNET site: - DXPRS status page: http:/.. 3173d f6cnb
f6cnb-7 BGP gateway on Vultr server f6cnb,f1tzv Gateway to Internet for announced 1001d f6cnb
f6cnb Remi, Bures-sur-Yvette 91 f6cnb HAMNET 5685MHz,BW=.. Servers, gateway and user access. - , http://hamnet.. 2274d f6cnb
f6cun Moutic, 33 f6cnb Gerard 2374d f6cnb
f6dbp Fronsac, 33 f6cnb Jean Marie 2374d f6cnb
f6dph Tour du Fouilloux, 17 f6cnb 2362/5MHz F6DPH Philippe 2374d f6cnb
f6ekg F6EKG QRA 1939d f4alm
f6eqx Moulon,33 f6cnb Jean Jacques, PBE-M5-400 to F6DBP 2374d f6cnb
f6ezi Jean-Luc, Neron 28 f6cnb HAMNET 5675/5MHz Jean Luc, Neron 28 3037d f6cnb
f6fcd Lionel QTH f6cnb Prasville, 28 2815d f6cnb
f6foh La Rochelle,17 2073d f6cnb
f6grh Barr f1tzv,f4avi 1181d f4avi
f6grj Bavent f6grj,f4fwh 896d f4fwh
f6gwe Patrick, St Maxime 83 f6cnb 1343d f6cnb
f6hmp-1 Valery en somme, 80 f6cnb 1905d f6cnb
f6hmp Patrick QRA, Paris f6cnb Patrick QTH Paris 7eme 2827d f6cnb
f6hsm Camps sur l'Isle, 33 f6cnb Patrick 2374d f6cnb
f6hzv Pascal f6hzv Rasp+tplink 2392MH.. 2588d f5sfu
f6ini Jacques Meudon 92 f6cnb Local WiFi f6ini Jacques 92 Meudon 3553d f6cnb
f6iqf Christian, Rambouillet 78 f6cnb None Rambouillet, Christian 1047d f6cnb
f6jig Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 f6cnb Local WiFi Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 2673d f6cnb
f6kat Metz 2459d f1ngp
f6kbf RC Maisons Laffitte 78 f4huy,f6cnb PowerBeam M5 400,5.. 1937d f4huy
f6kbs-1 RC CEA f6cnb,f5iab Local RC CEA Saclay 436d f6cnb
f6kbs RC CEA Saclay 91 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC du CEA Saclay 91 1054d f6cnb
f6kfv RC Versailles 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio Club de Versailles 78 3346d f6cnb
f6kfw RC d'Equeurdreville f6cnb RC d'Equeurdreville, Manche - Latitude : 1°39.47' W 3088d f6cnb
f6kgl Neuilly-sur-Marne,93 f6cnb,f1shs Radio Club de Neuilly-sur-Marne 872d f1shs
f6kkr RC Rambouillet 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC de Rambouillet 78 1066d f6cnb
f6kli Libourne, 33 f6cnb RC DU LIBOURNAIS, Libourne 33 2374d f6cnb
f6knb Cursan, 33 f6cnb RC RADIOAMPT 33 2374d f6cnb
f6koh le havre f6cnb,f4gyb 2319d f6cnb
f6kql Chenove 21 f4alm Radioclub F6KQL 1939d f4alm
f6krk RC St Quentin en Yvelines f6cnb,f4hvq Local WiFi Radio Club de Saint Quentin en Yvelines 2282d f6cnb
f6mpn Gerald Villebon, 91 f6cnb local WiFi 2895d f6cnb
f8bmb Gombergean, 41 f6cnb Jean-Paul QRA 2312d f6cnb
f8efj Yann, 75 Paris f6cnb Yann QTH Paris 13 676d f6cnb
f8fkd Nicolas QRA f6cnb,f8fkd ,29 2428d f6cnb
f8kgk Bihorel, 76 f6cnb Radio Club 845d f6cnb
f8kly Radio-Club de Lyon f4hof,f6aue,f4gsp 629d f4hof
fr1di Bois d'olives f1tzv,f4avi 1149d f4avi
fr4fe Trois mares f1tzv,f4avi 990d f4avi
fr4km Plaine des Cafres f6cnb,fr5fc wifi et PA 952d fr5fc
fr4li Saint-Pierre f1tzv,f4avi 1182d f4avi
fr4np Jacky QTH f6cnb,fr5fc WiFi et PA Le port, La Reunion 3166d f6cnb
fr4tt Simon QTH f6cnb,fr5fc WiFi et PA Cilaos Ilet à Cordes, La Reunion 952d fr5fc
fr5cu Trois-Bassins f1tzv,f4avi 1184d f4avi
fr5fc Patrick QTH f6cnb,fr5fc WiFi et PA First Hamnet site in Ile de la Reunion, France 3167d f6cnb
fr5gs Saint-Benoît f1tzv,f4avi 1194d f4avi
fr9xxx La Montagne f1tzv,f4avi 989d f4avi
fr9xxy Le Tampon Notre Dame f1tzv,f4avi 989d f4avi
fr9xxz Saint-Denis f1tzv,f4avi 999d f4avi
n5cnb Remi Frelsburg Texas f6cnb Local WiFi N5CNB (Was W5/F6CNB) in Texas. N5CNB is my US callsign. Remi F6CNB 2675d f6cnb
n5fxh 91 Marcoussis f6cnb Local WiFi Francois Xavier 2029d f6cnb
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64742 F6KFT dep57 f1ulq,f1ngp 2456d f1tzv
AS64743 FRANCE Alsace f1tzv,f4avi Strasbourg Area 1247d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867000 HamCloud Fr Alsace f1tzv,f4avi VPN BGP Router (Alsace) 1158d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867001 f1zkt f1tzv,f4avi Entzheim (67) 1379d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867002 f1zdd f1tzv,f4avi Mutzig (67) 1894d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867003 f5zav f1tzv,f4avi Bischenberg (67) 1379d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867004 f5zsm f1tzv,f4avi Strasbourg (67) 1894d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867005 f4avi f1tzv,f4avi Epfig (67) 1413d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867006 f6grh f1tzv,f4avi Barr (67) 1181d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867007 f4avip f1tzv,f4avi Achenheim (67) 1150d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867008 f4egx f1tzv,f4avi Hoenheim (67) 632d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220868001 f5jya f1tzv,f4avi Dannemarie (68) 1240d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899001 fr5gs f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Benoît (974) 1194d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899002 fr5cu f1tzv,f4avi Trois-Bassins (974) 1184d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899003 fr4li f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Pierre (974) 1184d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899004 fr1di f1tzv,f4avi Bois d'olives (974) 1149d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899005 fr4fe f1tzv,f4avi Trois mares (974) 999d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899006 fr9xxy f1tzv,f4avi Le Tampon Notre Dame de la Paix (974) 999d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899007 fr9xxz f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Denis (974) 999d f4avi
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - 2260d f6cnb
AS64746 France (Internet BGP) f6cnb,f1tzv Main AS for new subnet which is announced on Internet 1000d f6cnb
AS64747 Department 06, France f5sfu,f4iyv,f4iyt,.. Alpes Maritimes, France 785d f5sfu
AS64748 France, Le Havre f1ulq,f4fwh 3784d f1ulq
AS64749 France, Hamnet Loire f4hof,f4eed,f4ass 2894d f4hof
AS64751 France, Nancy area, 3714d f6cnb
AS64752 France, Ile de la Reunion f6cnb,fr5fc 1892d f1tzv
AS64753 France, Dept 25 , Doubs f1tzv,f8ghe,f4avi 999d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825001 f5kmy f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 999d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825002 f1zif f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 999d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825003 f1zsz f1tzv,f4avi Morteau (25) 999d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825004 f1zqb f1tzv,f4avi Montbéliard (25) 999d f4avi
AS64754 Bretagne f6cnb,f8fkd Finistere, le bout du monde 2429d f6cnb
AS64757 France, Vaucluse et environ f6cnb,f4gkn 3001d f6cnb
AS64758 France, Cherbourg area f6cnb 3088d f6cnb
AS64761 France, F4HOF-AS f4hof 2889d f4hof
AS64763 France, Jura, Dole f6cnb 2639d f6cnb
AS64764 France - Hautes Alpes f6cnb Gap, Briancon, Serre Chevalier 2414d f6cnb
AS64765 France - Charentes Maritimes 17 f6cnb,f6foh 2073d f6cnb
AS64766 France-Limousin - 87-19-23 f4bqn,f1igy 2390d f4bqn
AS64767 France Gironde, 33 f6cnb LIbourne 33 area + part of 17,24 2370d f6cnb
AS64768 Corsica f6cnb 1827d f6cnb
AS64769 Cote d'or, Burgundy f6cnb 2322d f6cnb
AS64770 Loir et Cher, France f6cnb 41 Loir et Cher. F8BMB 2310d f6cnb
AS64775 64, Biarritz f6cnb,f5odp Biarritz Area Xavier F5ODP 2095d f6cnb
AS64776 France - Hamnet Seine et Marne f4eir,f4hof 2086d f4hof
AS64777 69 - Lyon f5odp,f4hof 2086d f4hof
AS4220800001 France, Hauts de France, Saint Amand les Eaux , 59 f6cnb France-Hauts De France 2080d f6cnb
AS4220800002 France-31 Lherm f6cnb 2075d f6cnb
AS4220800003 France-09 La tour du Crieu f6cnb 2075d f6cnb
AS4220800005 France - 53 Mayenne f6cnb,f4gzr 1914d f6cnb
AS4220800006 Sainte Maxime, 83 , F6GWE f6cnb 1343d f6cnb
AS4220800009 44 Nantes f6cnb 1827d f6cnb
AS4220800011 f4fqn 66 france f6cnb,f1tzv 1647d f6cnb
AS4220800014 29 Concarneau F5RVX f6cnb 1191d f6cnb
AS4220800022 69 - Rhône f4hof,f6aue,f4gsp 629d f4hof
AS4220800023 43 - Haute Loire f4hof,f4ass,f1haw,.. 629d f4hof
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