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Hamnet-DB 4.6 Content is covered by CC BY-NC-SA license

Subnet (AS-Backbone)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     512 IPs

HAMNET IDF Very grand Paris area
Last edited 2016-08-29 by f6cnb

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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited      User-Network - - France 1824d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1dwo,f6kkr - Backbone F6KKR-F1DWO 3037d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6ezi,f6kkr - Backbone F6KKR-F6EZI 3037d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f5hcc - Backbone F5HCC-F1ZCY 2615d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1faq,f6cnb - Backbone F1FAQ-F6CNB 3005d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4glj - F4GLJ radio link 1637d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - VPN links to DSTAR DCS033 VPS 3090d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 GRE tunnel f6cnb-f4dwb 3090d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f1zht - backbone radio Oise between F1ZCY and F1ZHT repeaters 2857d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1dwo,f5znx - Backbone F1DWO-F5ZNX 3059d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 HAMNET-DMRPLUS-France-Alsace208 VPN 2616d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4kkx,f6kbs - Backbone F6KBS-F4KKX 5665/5MHz 871d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kbs - Backbone F6CNB-F6KBS 5695MHz/5MHz 1054d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6kkr - Backbone F6KBS-F6KKR 5725/5MHz SSID HAMNET-F6KBS-F6KKR 483d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1lqd - Backbone F8KHQ-F1LQD 3005d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6hmp - Backbone F8KHQ- F6HMP 2823d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zpq - lien F1ZOI-F1ZPQ Not used link via AP 2533d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zpq,f5zeq - Backbone F1ZPQ-F5ZEQ 2899d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6mpn - Backbone F6CNB-F6MPN 2895d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6iqf,f6kkr - F6KKR-F6IQF 5GHz link 2834d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1shs,f6cnb - Test link f1shs-f6cnb GRE 976d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kff,f6cnb - gre f6cnb-f5kff 974d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,f6kfw - gre tunnel f6cnb-f6kfw 3087d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 link Gateway-Brandsmeister France 3092d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4hof-100,f6cnb - gre tunnel f4hof-f6cnb Loire-IDF 3113d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - Link gateway-cbridgeDMR 3124d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - gre tunnel f4glj-f6cnb 3165d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5oeo,f6cnb - gre tunnel f5oeo-f6cnb 3170d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - - f6cnb - n5cnb link 970d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb - n5cnb 970d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4gkr,f6cnb - gre tunnel f4gkr-f6cnb 3172d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6kbs,f6krk - BB F6KBS-F1SCA-F6KRK 5780/5MHz 1054d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy - Backbone F1ZCY-F8KHQ 2451d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f1zka 2429d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f5kck,f5zeq - Backbone F5ZEQ-F5KCK 740d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zcy,f1zke - F1ZCY-Malassise-Creil F1ZKE 1912d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6iqf,f6kkr - F6IQF-F6KKR 60G LInk 1870d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zke,f4fsd - Link f1zke-f4fsd 1727d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f1zke,f4fsd-1 - Link f1zke-f4fsd-1 1727d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,n5cnb - GRE Tunnel hamnet> n5cnb 1686d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f6cnb,n5cnb - GRE Tunnet>n5cnb 1686d f6cnb   Backbone-Network - AS64745 f4klo,f4klo-1 - F4KLO -4G 1452d f6cnb
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited router-bb-f6kbs.f1sca Routing-Ethernet f1sca router port 4 to F6KBS 733d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f1sca Service f1sca Station (AirMax),5780MHz/5MHz - Nanobeam-M5-400 to F6KBS 733d f6cnb bb1-f8khq.f5ktr Service f5ktr Station 5695MHz BW10MHz NanoStationM5 1131d f6cnb router-bb1-f8khq.f5ktr Routing-Radio f5ktr Router port to F8KHQ 1131d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f1dwo Service f1dwo Station,5785/5MHz - Mikrotik Dish + RB912 to F6KKR 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f1dwo Routing-Radio f1dwo Router port to Rambouillet F6KKR 434d f6cnb bb-f1dwo.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge,5785/5MHz - Mikrotik Dish + RB912 to F6KKR - Backbone to 28 (F1DWO a.. 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f1dwo.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Router port to f1dwo Epernon 28 434d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6ezi Routing-Radio f6ezi Station - Mikrotik dish + RB912 to F6KKR Rambouillet (test -79dBm) 3037d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6ezi Service f6ezi Router port to Rambouillet 3037d f6cnb bb-f6ezi.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge - Backbone to F6EZI Neron 28 1067d f6cnb router-bb-f6ezi.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr router port to F6EZI Neron 28 1067d f6cnb bb-f5hcc.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax),2362MHz/5MHz - Link 2.3GHz f5HCC F1ZCY 2615d f6cnb router-bb-f5hcc.f1zcy Service f1zcy Router port 4 to dish 2615d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f5hcc Service f5hcc router port to f1zcy 2615d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f5hcc Routing-Radio f5hcc Station (AirMax),2362/5MHz - dish to f1zcy 2615d f6cnb router-bb-f1faq.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb router port to F1FAQ backbone 1053d f6cnb bb-f1faq.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5740/5MHz - PowerBeamM5-400 689d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f1faq Service f1faq Station (AirMax),5740/5MHz - PowerBeamM5-400 689d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f1faq Routing-Radio f1faq router port to F6CNB backbone 1053d f6cnb bb.f4glj Service f4glj Ubiquiti radio 1637d f6cnb router-bb.f4glj Service f4glj router port to ubiquiti radio 1637d f6cnb dcs033.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb DSTAR DCS033 reflector VPS 3122d f6cnb vpntodcs033.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp connection from gateway to DSTAR 3122d f6cnb router-bb-f1zht.f1zcy Service f1zcy Link 5GHz vers F1ZHT 2615d f6cnb bb-f1zht.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge,5785/8MHz - Ubiquiti NanoBridgeM5 vers F1ZHT 2406d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zht Routing-Radio f1zht Station,5785/85MHz - Ubiquiti PowerBeamM5-400 2406d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zht Service f1zht Router port to F1ZCY via 5GHz link 2841d f6cnb bb-f5znx.f1dwo Routing-Radio f1dwo AP bridge to f5znx 3059d f6cnb router-bb-f5znx.f1dwo Service f1dwo Router port to Chartres 3059d f6cnb bb-f1dwo.f5znx Routing-Radio f5znx Nanobeam to Epernon 2909d f6cnb router-bb-f1dwo.f5znx Service f5znx router port to Epernon 2909d f6cnb bb-f4kkx.f6kbs Service f6kbs AP Bridge (AirMax),5665MHz/5MHz - 5GHz dish to f4kkx SSID HAMNET-F6KBS-F4KKX 871d f6cnb router-bb-f4kkx.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs router port to f4kkx 871d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f4kkx Routing-Radio f4kkx router port to f6kbs 871d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f4kkx Service f4kkx Station (AirMax) - link f6kbs-f4kkx 871d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f6kbs Service f6kbs Station,5705MHz BW 8MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs F6KBS router port to F6CNB 871d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5705MHz BW8MHz - PowerBeamM5-640 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb router port to Saclay 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs f6kbs router port to f6kbs-f6kkr backbone 1131d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6kbs Service f6kbs Station,5725/5MHz - New parabole 65cm with rocketM5 on top of the mast 691d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge,5725MHz BW5MHz - rocketdish 30dBLW + Rocket M5 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Router port to f6kkr-f6kbs backbone 1131d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1lqd Service f1lqd Station,5755MHz-8MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 to F8KHQ 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1lqd Routing-Radio f1lqd Router port to F8KHQ 1131d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Radio f6hmp Station (AirMax) - PowerBeamM5-400 on 5675MHz BW=10MHz 2823d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Ethernet f6hmp Port BB to F8KHQ 2823d f6cnb bb-f1zoi.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq Station (AirMax),5715/8MHz - Lien 5GHz entre F1ZOI et F1ZPQ 2964d f6cnb router-bb-f1zoi.f1zpq Service f1zpq Port Routeur vers F1ZOI 2533d f6cnb bb-f5zeq.f1zpq Service f1zpq AP Bridge (AirMax),5785MHz/10MHz - NanoStationM5 toward F5ZEQ 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f5zeq.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq router port to F5ZEQ 1131d f6cnb bb-f1zpq.f5zeq Service f5zeq Station (AirMax),5785MHz/10MHz 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f1zpq.f5zeq Routing-Radio f5zeq 1131d f6cnb bb-f6mpn.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge (AirMax),5730/5MHz - Powerbeam-M5-400 1051d f6cnb router-bb-f6mpn.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb router port to F6MPN 1051d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f6mpn Service f6mpn Station (AirMax),5730/5MHz 1051d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f6mpn Routing-Radio f6mpn router port to f6cnb 1051d f6cnb bb-f6iqf.f6kkr Service f6kkr AP Bridge (AirMax),5.xxxGHZ - NanoBeam-M5-19dB to F6IQF 1131d f6cnb router-bb-f6iqf.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Router port to F6IQF 436d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6iqf Service f6iqf Station,5GHz - NanoBeam M5-19dB to F6KKR 1117d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6iqf Routing-Radio f6iqf router port to f6kkr 1117d f6cnb gre-f1shs.f6cnb Service f6cnb gre test 976d f6cnb gre-f6cnb.f1shs Service f1shs gre 976d f6cnb gre-f5kff.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 974d f6cnb gre-f6cnb.f5kff Routing-Ethernet f5kff gre f6cnb-f5kff 974d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f6kfw Routing-Tunnel f6kfw Gre tunnel to f6cnb 3087d f6cnb gretun-f6kfw.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel f6kfw, Cherbourg 3087d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 Tunnel IPIP F6CNB-F4HOF 2893d f6cnb gretun-f4hof.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel vers F4HOF 3113d f6cnb vpntocbridge.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb To DMR Cbridge VPS 3124d f6cnb gre-f4glj.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel vers f4glj 3165d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f5oeo Routing-Tunnel f5oeo gre tunnel to f6cnb,91 3170d f6cnb gretun-f5oeo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel to f5oeo, 86 3170d f6cnb gre-f8khq.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Link f8khq- F6CNB gateway 2641d f6cnb ipip-bm2082.f6cnb Service f6cnb 2246d f6cnb ipip-f6cnb.f4bwg Service f6cnb 2246d f6cnb tungre-f6cnb.f4gkr Routing-Tunnel f4gkr End of tunnel to f6cnb and f4gkr server 3173d f6cnb tungre-f4gkr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb End of tunnel to f4gkr 3173d f6cnb router-bb-f6krk.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs router port backbone F6KBS to F1SCA and F6KRK 734d f6cnb bb-f6krk.f6kbs Service f6kbs AP Bridge,5780MHz/8MHz - NanoBeam-M5-400 to F6KRK and F1SCA 691d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6krk Routing-Radio f6krk router port to F6KBS 734d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6krk Service f6krk Station,5780MHz/8MHz - NanoBeam M5-400 to F6KBS 691d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax),5725/5MHz - Rocketdish 30dB + Rocket M5 Titanium 2446d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1zcy Service f1zcy router port to F1ZCY-F8KHQ backbone 2446d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zka Service f1zka router port to f1zcy 2429d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zka Routing-Radio f1zka Station - dish to f1zcy 2429d f6cnb bb-f1zka.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge,5825MHz/5MHz - dish to f1zka 2406d f6cnb router-bb-f1zka.f1zcy Service f1zcy router port to f1zka 2429d f6cnb router-bb-f5kck.f5zeq Routing-Radio f5zeq router port on F5ZEQ to F5KCK 734d f6cnb bb-f5kck.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge,5725/8MHz HAMNET-F5ZEQ-F5KCK - Powerbeam 620mm to f5kck 693d f6cnb bb-f5zeq.f5kck Service f5kck Station,5725/8MHz - BB F5ZEQ-F5KCK 693d f6cnb router-bb-f5zeq.f5kck Routing-Radio f5kck router port on f5kck To F5ZEQ 734d f6cnb router-bb-f1zke.f1zcy Service f1zcy To Creil and Malassise 1912d f6cnb bb-f1zke.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax) - PA vers Creil et Malassise 1912d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zke Routing-Radio f1zke Station (AirMax) - Vers Auneuil 5675/5MHz 1912d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zke Service f1zke Port routeur vers Auneuil 1912d f6cnb ap60g-router.f6iqf Routing-ISM f6iqf router port to 60GHz link 1118d f6cnb ap60g.f6iqf Service f6iqf AP Bridge - AP 60GHz to F6KKR 1131d f6cnb sta60g.f6kkr Service f6kkr 60GHz station 1131d f6cnb sta60g-router.f6kkr Routing-ISM f6kkr router port to 60GHz link 1118d f6cnb router-bb-f4fsd.f1zke Service f1zke Routeur port 9 vers f4fsb 1727d f6cnb bb-f4fsd.f1zke Routing-Radio f1zke radio 5GHz vers f4fsb 1727d f6cnb bb-f1zke.f4fsd Routing-Radio f4fsd Radio 5GHz vers f1zke 1727d f6cnb bb-router-f1zke.f4fsd Service f4fsd router port f4fsd to radio and f1zke 1727d f6cnb router-bb-f4fsd-1.f1zke Service f1zke routeur port 8 vers f4fsb-1 1727d f6cnb bb-f4fsd-1.f1zke Routing-Radio f1zke radio 5GHz vers f4fsd-1 1727d f6cnb bb-f1zke.f4fsd-1 Routing-Radio f4fsd-1 radio 5GHz vers f1zke 1727d f6cnb router-bb-f1zke.f4fsd-1 Service f4fsd-1 router port to f1zke via radio 5GHz 1727d f6cnb gre-n5cnb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Gre link between and n5cnb 1686d f6cnb gre-hamnetfr.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb 1686d f6cnb gre-n5cnb2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb backup gre tunnel 1686d f6cnb gre-f6cnb-fr.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb 1686d f6cnb internet.router.f4klo Routing-Radio f4klo Port routeur to Internet (4G,...) 733d f6cnb lte1.f4klo Routing-Radio f4klo-1 4G Prixtel-SFR 733d f6cnb apdish60g.f4klo Service f4klo link 60G to CSI AP 733d f6cnb sta60g-csi.f4klo Service f4klo-1 AP 60GHz to CSI and REnater 733d f6cnb ipip-router.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Internal tunnel router N5ATH - 934d f6cnb ipip-router2.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb internal tunnel 934d f6cnb gate-ipip.f6cnb Routing-Ethernet f6cnb gateway IPIP 934d f6cnb
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
f1dwo Henri, Epernon 28 f6cnb Local WiFi Mikrotik router RH433 - 1 NanoBeamM5 to f6ezi - 1mikrotik dish to f6kkr 3058d f6cnb
f1faq Christian, Palaiseau 91 f6cnb Local WiFi F1FAQ, Christian, Palaiseau, 91 3539d f6cnb
f1lqd Jacky, Beynes 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Beynes, 78 3606d f6cnb
f1sca Jean-Marc, Montigny 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Montigny, 78 2583d f6cnb
f1shs F1SHS QTH f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi WebSite 477d f1shs
f1zcy Repeaters Auneuil 60 f6cnb 2602d f6cnb
f1zht Repeater F1ZHT 60 f6cnb None DMR repeater 60 Mesnil sur bulles 3061d f6cnb
f1zka repeater site f6cnb Bus St Remy, 27 2429d f6cnb
f1zke Repeteur Creil,60 f6cnb,f4fsd 2084d f6cnb
f1zpq Repeater F1ZPQ La Defense f6cnb,f1shs Répéteur P25 Grande Arche La Défense 873d f1shs
f4fsd-1 Laurent, Villiers-sous-St-Leu 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Villiers sous St Leu, 60 2850d f6cnb
f4fsd Laurent, Montataire 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Montataire 60 2850d f6cnb
f4gkr Sylvain, Orcemont f6cnb 3174d f6cnb
f4glj Pierre, Galgon 33 f6cnb 33133-GALGON 1638d f6cnb
f4hof-100 PoP VTY f4hof PoP terminaison VPNs et heb applicatifs 447d f4hof
f4kkx 93160 Noisy-le-grand f6cnb,f1shs Radio club ESIEE Paris 872d f1shs
f4klo-1 Paris, 75019 f6cnb 60GHz antenna - Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Ville.. 733d f6cnb
f4klo Paris, 75019 f6cnb Dimension Parabole F4KLO, Cite des sciences, Porte de la Villette Paris 75019 .. 994d f6cnb
f5hcc Fabrice, Monneville 60 f6cnb,f5hcc Site du relai f5ZFY 2592d f6cnb
f5kck RC Sartrouville 78 f6cnb RC Sartrouville, 78 2885d f6cnb
f5kff Neuilly sur Marne f6cnb Radio Club de la Haute Ile. also f6kgl 875d f6cnb
f5ktr RC GRAC Paris 75 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio club du Groupe des Radio Amateurs Cheminots - Paris, France 3346d f6cnb
f5oeo Evariste f5sfu 2390d f6cnb
f5zeq Repeteur RC Sartrouville, 78 f6cnb 5685/10MHz Mesnil le roi, 78 (Chateau d'eau site du repeteur de F5KCK) 885d dg8ngn
f5znx Mittainvilliers repeater f6cnb Coming soon.... Maybe..... 3058d f6cnb
f6cnb Remi, Bures-sur-Yvette 91 f6cnb HAMNET 5685MHz,BW=.. Servers, gateway and user access. - , http://hamnet.. 2274d f6cnb
f6ezi Jean-Luc, Neron 28 f6cnb HAMNET 5675/5MHz Jean Luc, Neron 28 3037d f6cnb
f6hmp Patrick QRA, Paris f6cnb Patrick QTH Paris 7eme 2827d f6cnb
f6iqf Christian, Rambouillet 78 f6cnb None Rambouillet, Christian 1047d f6cnb
f6kbs RC CEA Saclay 91 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC du CEA Saclay 91 1054d f6cnb
f6kfw RC d'Equeurdreville f6cnb RC d'Equeurdreville, Manche - Latitude : 1°39.47' W 3088d f6cnb
f6kkr RC Rambouillet 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC de Rambouillet 78 1066d f6cnb
f6krk RC St Quentin en Yvelines f6cnb,f4hvq Local WiFi Radio Club de Saint Quentin en Yvelines 2282d f6cnb
f6mpn Gerald Villebon, 91 f6cnb local WiFi 2895d f6cnb
n5cnb Remi Frelsburg Texas f6cnb Local WiFi N5CNB (Was W5/F6CNB) in Texas. N5CNB is my US callsign. Remi F6CNB 2675d f6cnb
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - 2260d f6cnb
1 entry.